‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Women Tell-All Spoilers

The Bachelor 2018 Contestants, The Bachelor 2018 Women Tell-All Spoilers, The Bachelor Season 22 Women Tell All Spoilers

Photo Credit: ABC - Paul Hebert

The women tell-all episode for season 22 of The Bachelor airs tonight, which means that Arie Luyendyk Jr. must face all the women he dumped or parted ways with on the show. Host Chris Harrison will sit down with everyone and put a few women in the “hot seat” to answer questions about their time with Luyendyk. Some women will catch more heat than others and even Luyendyk will have to defend himself. The official ABC synopsis of the women tell-all special tonight reads, “Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s search for love has taken him from Los Angeles to Peru. Along the way there have been highs and lows – and then there was Krystal, one of the most controversial bachelorettes of the group. Now, 18 of the most unforgettable women this season are back to confront Arie and tell their side of the story and how difficult it was to date a Bachelor who was falling for multiple women. Krystal attempts to defend her behavior, but a never-seen clip from the bowling alley date reveals her calling out the women and Arie with shocking words. Bekah M. admonishes Tia for going behind her back to Arie about her age.”

Get all the spoilers on what to expect below. And, keep in mind that if you do NOT want to know who the reported winner is this season of any other major details on the show, STOP READING NOW.

Krystal Nielson Is Outed By Production & It’s Pretty Ugly

Krystal Nielson And Arie Luyendyk, The Bachelor 2018 Women Tell All

Photo Credit: ABC – Paul Hebert

Krystal Nielson reportedly has no regrets about her actions this season, according to Glamour, though she did wish the star of The Bachelor this season was Peter Kraus, from Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette. She admitted to Glamour that she was disappointed the star was Luyendyk.

On tonight’s tell-all when Nielson gets in the hot seat, she faces the firing squad with the other ladies and she also gets outed by production. A never-before-seen clip from the bowling date airs and Nielson is shown talking smack about Luyendyk, along with the other contestants. ABC writes that, “In a never-aired clip from the bowling date, Krystal is revealed in a very unflattering light. Her stunning bombshell description of the women and Arie leave the women reeling.” So, what did Nielson say that was so bad? When talking about what the footage shows, Reality Steve reported that, “It’s of her in the bathroom in Ft. Lauderdale talking to Maquel. Either the water was running or a blow dryer was on, something to where they thought they were speaking privately and mics couldn’t pick up the sound. But it did, and you see Krystal telling Maquel that Arie basically allowed the losing team on the bowling date to join in so “he could make out with all the c-nts.” She also called Arie a “needle dick.” Yikes.

Nielson, who makes a living as a fitness coach, preaching positivity on her Instagram account, may have a difficult time finding clients after this airs. In addition to confronting Luyendyk and getting attacked by her fellow contestants, Nielson also talks about her brother, who is reportedly still homeless. And, Reality Steve also has reported that the cast of the movie Blockers is there and actress Leslie Mann jokes to Nielson about the “needle dick” comment. This may or may not be shown on the special.

As for how Luyendyk reacted to her, Reality Steve has said that, “Arie pretty much shut her down. She was upset and wanted more of an explanation, he told her she deserved to go home, especially once he saw it play out on TV. He also said he kept her too long. Apparently Arie was cold and short with her, which apparently delighted the crowd because she was insufferable the whole time.”

Caroline Lunny Confronts Luyendyk & Foreshadows the Finale

According to Reality Steve, there is some shady business that goes down with the finale and contestant Caroline Lunny reportedly knows all about it. Before we get into Lunny’s comments on the tell-all special, here’s the background. Becca Kufrin reportedly gets engaged to Luyendyk on the finale, but Luyendyk ends up having second thoughts. Reality Steve has reported that Luyendyk ends up breaking it off with Kufrin and rekindling romance with the runner-up, Lauren Burnham. Lunny is a very good friend of Kufrin, which is why she decides to confront Luyendyk.

ABC has reported that, “Arie takes the hot seat and the tension is palpable when Caroline confronts him and questions his commitment issues.” But, there’s way more to the situation than that. Reality Steve stated that, “Caroline went after Arie. For those that don’t know, Caroline and Becca are very close. Becca was even in Florida with Caroline last weekend before Caroline left for LA. So Caroline basically made it known she knows about the ending saying “I know what you did,” and Arie kinda dismissed it … It’s obvious she was protecting her friend Becca since she knows what happened, and Arie basically said something to the effect of, ‘We’ll see how it plays out.'”

In an interview with E! News, Lunny revealed that, “I had heard a little rumor along the way. I then called and I had gotten that confirmation and I was furious, honestly. You’ll see why. I’m heartbroken the way things went down, the way he handled it. I think it could’ve been handled much better and it wasn’t.” Lunny explained that any person would have wanted the opportunity to confront the man who did her friend wrong, right?

Martinez Reveals She Has Talked With Luyendyk Since Filming Ended

Bekah Martinez On The Bachelor, The Bachelor 2018 Women Tell All

Photo Credit: ABC – Paul Hebert

Reality Steve has reported that the contestants who participated in the tell-all episode include Olivia, Jessica, Jenny, Brittany, Lauren G., Lauren S., Annaliese, Marikh, Krystal, Ashley, Jacqueline, Jenna, Caroline, Bibiana, Chelsea, Bekah M., Seinne, and Tia. As for the women who were put in the “hot seat” for individual questioning, they were Krystal Nielson, of course, Chelsea Roy, Seinne Fleming, Bekah Martinez, and Tia Booth.

When it comes to Martinez’s solo time on the show, both in the hot seat, and just with the other girls, ABC has reported that host Chris Harrison asks her about being a “missing person”. For those under a rock, Martinez’s mother had reported her as missing a few months ago and when Martinez’s photo was posted online, she was recognized as a contestant on the show, according to People. The story was then blown up everywhere and she’s been a punchline ever since. Martinez also gets into an argument with cast member Tia Booth. Martinez is upset that Booth went to Luyendyk behind her back to tell him that Martinez was only 22 years old. She doesn’t understand why her young age is such a big deal and says that Booth has less relationship experience than she has anyway.

Martinez also reveals that she felt Luyendyk was just looking for “an out” when he was with her, according to Reality Steve. In addition, she said that she had spoken with Luyendyk since filming ended and she was able to get the closure she needed, according to Entertainment Tonight. Martinez said that she spoke with Luyendyk at his hotel in Los Angeles and that, “I was kind of able to call him out and say, ‘I don’t think you gave me a fair shot … I felt like you were looking for a way out ever since you found out how old I was because you were afraid of how strong your feelings were for me.’ I was able to express that, and he responded saying, ‘Yeah I think you’re right. I don’t think I was fair and I shouldn’t have handled it that way.’ Martinez said that producers set up the meeting and it gave both of them closure on the situation.

Fleming, Booth and Roy’s hot seats are a little more calm. ABC has reported that Fleming attempts to explain why her relationship didn’t work out with Luyendyk and she says that she hopes to be an example to other women searching for love. Booth talks about how she felt blindsided by Luyendyk’s dismissal after the hometown dates. Reality Steve reported that, “Chelsea’s time on the hot seat went as you expected. She felt blindsided by Arie and she talked about her son. Seinne on the hot seat said she didn’t feel comfortable at the time of introducing Arie to her family, so after she was eliminated, she was fine with it. Tia got very emotional watching her time back but nothing major happened for her up there.”

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