Who Should Be the New Captain of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? [POLL]

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A lot was left to change during the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery. Among these is who will be commanding the ship into the next season. We’re going to explore all the different possibilities that fans have brought up so far, and then share a poll at the end so you can make your preferences known. This post will have spoilers through the season 1 finale of Star Trek: Discovery

At the end of the season finale, Sarek was on board the discovery while they were heading out to pick up their new Captain. While on their journey, they received a priority one distress call from the USS Enterprise, with Capt. Pike on board. We don’t know what the distress call is, or whether Spock is on board with him. It also wasn’t revealed who the new captain of Discovery is going to be. Here are some suggestions that fans would like to see.

Leave Saru in command. Many fans think that Saru did a phenomenal job as Captain while they were in the mirror universe, and he should be left with the command now. He’s acting captain, he emphasized at the end of the episode. But why not just leave him in charge?

Sarek. Some fans would love to see Sarek take command of the Discovery. Perhaps telling them they are going to pick up the new captain wasn’t completely honest, and at some point along the journey he will reveal that he is the new captain. Or maybe Saru will be tested and not pass, and then Sarek will take over.

Spock. This would not fit with canon at all, so we’re really not putting much stock in this idea unless we are now in a completely different alternate universe. Spock is likely on board the Enterprise with Pike. But maybe they’ll pick up someone else from the Enterprise to be their new captain. 

Michael Burnham. It doesn’t seem likely. She was just reinstated. Probably they would need to be in some kind of battle and have quite a few people above her fall before she could become the acting captain temporarily. But some fans would love to see this happen.

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Tilly. Tilly made an absolutely phenomenal acting-captain during her scenes when she had to pretend to be captain in the Mirror Universe. But she’s just now starting to go down the track for becoming captain one day, so this post won’t be going to her any time soon.

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T’Pol. I kind of love this idea. T’Pol is the only one from Enterprise, 90 years later, who could still be alive. Granted, she might be about 166, and even for a Vulcan’s long lifespan she’d still be a pretty old captain. But I’d love to see this work out somehow, personally.

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LorcaAfter Trek gave some delicious hints that maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Lorca again. I really liked the troubled Lorca from Season 1, but this actor is fantastic. If there’s a way to save Prime Lorca, then he should be given command of the Discovery.

Who do you think should be the new captain? Let us know in the poll and then share any other suggestions you have in the comments below.