Who Dies on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Episode 13 Tonight?


Tonight Season 8 Episode 13 of The Walking Dead will air. More than likely, we’ll see some more characters die, since things seem to be really heating up in Negan and Rick’s war. AMC has been strongly hinting that tonight’s episode could have some more deaths. That’s not a huge surprise, since in this show’s universe it’s hard to get through an episode without someone dying. But we’re worried about who it might be, after what happened to Carl.

The summary for tonight’s episode reads: “Trouble arises when unexpected visitors arrive at the Hilltop and the community is thrust into action; heartbreaking discoveries are made.” From what happened last week, it seems like we might see Simon show up at the Hilltop with his plan that is even worse than Negan’s plan. And we may see more reactions from the Hilltop community as they learn the detail of how Carl died.

We will update this post live as tonight’s Season 8 episode of The Walking Dead airs, letting you know who died during the episode. So keep refreshing this page for the latest details. MAJOR SPOILERS below. 

Simon insisted on his plan rather than Negan’s and chased Daryl into an ambush at The Hilltop. A lot of Saviors were shot and killed during the initial ambush, but it looks like we may lose some Hilltop people too. And before too long, that did happen. The first person from Hilltop who was shot during the battle was Tobin, and he looked like he was in really bad shape. But we learned later that he lived through it. He and Carol had a heart-to-heart talk about their past relationship.

Tara appeared to also be shot during the battle. It wasn’t 100% clear because of how dark the scenes were, but it appeared to be her. Some fans were really debating whether she would die, but after the commercial break we learned that Tara was only shot in the arm. She’s fine.

The Saviors then got caught in another ambush, and Rick showed up with his crew, taking out more Saviors. But they didn’t get all of them and Negan was nowhere to be seen.

Later during the show, while everyone was asleep, Tobin took a deep breath at 2:15 a.m. and appeared to have died. An hour later, around 3:20 a.m., another character in the infirmary looked very sick and had a fever. When his friend went to get the doctor, Undead Tobin attacked and killed him. Sadly, Tobin did die and is now taking more people out with him. (It turns out that many of these people died from infected arrows and then turned, which was Negan’s plan all along.)

Undead Tobin next killed the nurse while she was outside. We soon had three walkers wandering around The Hilltop and the number might be growing. After the commercial break, many walkers were wandering through the Hilltop, surprising everyone.

After oh-so-helpful Henry unlocked the gate with the Savior prisoners, they all managed to escape their prison.

In the end, Carol had to kill undead Tobin. She said he wasn’t bit but he had turned (which seems like a strange thing to say since we already know that everyone’s infected and will turn when they die.) But Rick and Maggie figured out it was infected weapons causing them to turn.

When Rick shared the news with Tara, she was horrified because she was cut too. But Tara doesn’t look sick, so if Dwight shot her, maybe he didn’t use an infected weapon (I hope).

This is a developing story.