Bettie Jo & Susan, ‘My 600-lb Life’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Susan and Bettie Jo My 600 Lb Life


Bettie Jo and Susan may have found themselves in a position where their health had been compromised by excessive weight gain when we first met them on My 600 Lb Life, and since then, they’ve dealt with both triumphs and failures.

Before weight loss, Bettie Jo weighed 654 pounds. A year after the surgery, she was 499 pounds, with a goal weight of 180.

Interested in learning more about the second year of Bettie Jo and Susan’s journies and where they are today? Read on.

1. Bettie Jo Gave Birth to Her Son Preston in August 2016

In August 2016, Bettie Jo gave birth to her son, Preston Isaiah Linn Elmore. According to TLC, she found out she was pregnant on Christmas Day.

Bettie told TLC’s cameras that she was most excited for having a child so she could start traditions with him.

During the pregnancy, she began to feel pain in her back, and doctors eventually found a large bone mass on her spine. They informed Bettie Jo that the bigger the baby was getting, the more he was pressing on the bone. Bettie is quoted by In Touch Weekly as saying, “I’m already a high-risk pregnancy, so a lot of things could go wrong. Having a baby is a dream come true, but I need to be able to take care of that baby. I don’t understand why this is happening, and I don’t know how I’m going to make this decision.”

Unfortunately, Bettie Jo was shamed on social media for sharing weight loss tips after her pregnancy. As In Touch points out, people argued that she did not have the right to post weight loss tips because she had undergone gastric bypass surgery.

2. Bettie Jo Is Married to Josh Elmore

When we first met Bettie Jo, she was 24-years-old and weighed 654 pounds. She was already married to Josh at the time, and admitted that he had to help her clean herself in the shower and even wipe her butt after she used the bathroom.

“It’s humiliating. Because of my weight, he has to be a caretaker. It makes me feel so guilty.” She later added, “It prevents me from having a real marriage because he has to be my caretaker. Out intimacy is slim to none.”

Josh admitted that caring for Bettie Jo was, at times, overwhelming. “I have taken on a lot with Bettie Jo. I do everything I can… everything.” Bettie Jo also said that sometimes, she wonders if she’s with Josh because she loves him, or if he’s the one person who helps her take care of herself.” Josh, meanwhile, worried that after weight loss surgery, Bettie Jo wouldn’t want him anymore because she wouldn’t need him.

Based on more recent Facebook photos, it seems Josh and Bettie Jo are doing much better. A picture from last April shows them kissing, and another shows them smiling at one another.

3. Bettie Jo Was at a ‘Standstill’ After the Pregnancy

On April 18, Bettie took to Facebook to write, “I will reach my goal I am at a standstill right now and have been since Preston was born but I’m not gaining I’m just stuck in a 5 pounds up n down range but I’m going to get to my goal it might not be as fast as other have but it’s going at the pace that’s best for me! Which Is how I need it to be Cuz when I over do it it doesn’t turn out well and I am not gaining all my weight back no way at all!! But I have to have a good mental and physical health as well in order to loose weight the right way that’s healthy for me! So no I’m not tiny skinny yet but I am losing!”

She received encouragement from a friend on social media. One woman wrote, “Jessica Tuck Steuer Some people can loose fast and maintain I find that the slower I loose the easier it is for me to maintain it. You do you. Your mental health must be well in order for your physical health to fall in line. You can do it we know you can!”

Another commented, “Great to hear you are doing well. Thanks for the update! G’day from Australia ?” Today, Bettie Jo is working out with a personal trainer to try and bring down the number on the scale.

4. She Now Fits in Jeans, Which She Hadn’t Since High School

Sarah My 600 Lb Life


Susan started the series at 607 pounds. Now, she has lost half her body weight, and is much happier in new and improved life.

Susan underwent gastric bypass surgery to remove a lymphoma on her stomach. She tells My 600 lb Life, “It sounds kind of silly, but the first thing I am going to do once the skin is removed is that I am going to get a pair of jeans because I haven’t worn a pair of jeans since high school. The whole belly just needs to go. Having it gone will be like being set free from prison.”

Luckily, Susan said her friends have been helpful. “They’ve been really supportive of me losing the weight,” she said.

5. She Was Diagnosed with Neuropathy

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Not long after her surgeries, Susan was diagnosed with a nerve condition called neuropathy. As the doctor noted, she faced the potential of being paralyzed in the hands of the disease, but has been able to stay active and recover. She tells TLC’s cameras, “The surgery was my second chance at life. And I’m not going to let a setback like this take that from me. I’m going to fight. I’m going to do everything I possibly can to get better.”

Today, Susan’s weight is around 200 pounds which means she’s lost over 2/3 of her initial weight.