Jennifer Lopez and Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez Talk Getting Married

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez


Though JLo fans may be hoping she gets married soon, Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez aren’t ready for a wedding … yet, according to Entertainment Tonight. However, they have been talking marriage and future plans. Most recently, Lopez explained to Harper’s Bazaar that, “I do believe in marriage. I would love to grow old with somebody in a committed relationship — but I’m not forcing anything right now.” Lopez has been engaged five times and has worn the title of “wife” three times.

So, what’s the hold up? Lopez and her man have been together for over a year. They’ve blended their families. The relationship has definitely evolved. It seems to be a case of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as Lopez explained to Entertainment Tonight that, “It’s crazy. We both are so happy about our lives right now and where we’re at professionally, as well as personally. You know. Just things seem to be flowing in a really beautiful way. We both have a lot of support for each other and a lot of love for each other.”

Timing could also be an issue when it comes to getting married. Lopez recently wrapped filming for her series Shades of Blue, she has a residency in Las Vegas and she’s getting ready for a brand new season of World of Dance. She also has many other projects going on, from a cosmetic line to charitable causes. She has even teamed up with boyfriend Rodriguez on a charitable venture called Project Destined. In early March 2018. Lopez posted a photo of herself with Rodriguez and a team of others, with this as a caption:

So today I spent the day in the Bronx at Yankee stadium with a very special group of people for a very impactful project called Project Destined. The project teaches financial literacy to children in neighborhoods like I grew up in … so people from Harvard business school teach and mentor these kids on how to buy and own real estate and by the end of the program they own a part of a building in their own community in which the profits they make go toward their college educations … it shows them they have a choice they don’t have to be a tenant … you can be an owner!!! But it’s so much more than I could ever write here … it’s a game changer for anyone to be apart of this program! I am proud to be a part of it along with @arod (and if you look closely you will see a Supreme Court judge, Bronx Borough President, President of Blackstone, Yankee legend Mariano Rivera and so many more) here on a Sunday to be part of letting these kids know that anything is possible and sky is the limit!!!

Lopez has not been shy about posting her love for her man on social media. Recently, Lopez was honored at the TIME 100 event for 2018, and she had Rodriguez at her side. Posting a photo of herself with Rodriguez at the event, Lopez wrote on Instagram, “Always feel so blessed to share special moments of my life with this beautiful soul…” In addition to being honored, Lopez also took the stage for a big performance.

Rodriguez couldn’t help but gush over his lady’s honor at the event to E! News on the red carpet, saying that, “It is awesome. It is well-deserved, and she’s going to perform tonight in her hometown of New York City.” Tonight, Lopez performs at the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards.