WATCH: Robert De Niro & Ben Stiller SNL ‘Meet the Parents’ Skit

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Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller received a warm welcome from audience members after opening SNL on Saturday.

In a political play on the lie-detector scene from Meet the Fockers, De Niro played Special Counsel Robert Mueller while Stiller portrayed President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

De Niro took to the stage to hook Stiller up to a lie detector test. “I’ll start with some easy ones,” he said. “How’d you like that pee pee tape?”

“What’s President Trump’s code name?” Stiller asks De Niro. “It used to be Putin’s little b****. Now it’s Stormy’s little b****.”

“What about Ivanka’s code name”, Stiller asks. “Girlfriend,” De Niro fires back. “Jared Kusher?” Stiller asks once more. “Other girlfriend.”

The Twittersphere went nuts with the cold open, with some saying it was the best opening skit of the season.

Tonight’s episode was hosted by former SNL writer, John Mulaney. Mulaney worked on the show for five years, and has found his most recent success as a stand-up comedian on specials like The Top Part, New in Town, The Comeback Kid, and Kid Gorgeous. He has also performed on Live at Gotham, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Comedy Central Presents.

Along with the rest of his writing staff, Mulaney was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards from 2009 to 2012. Together with Bill Hader, he co-created the SNL character, Stefon.

Jack White is tonight’s musical guest. White is a singer, songwriter, songwriter, and record producer. He is the lead singer and guitarist of The White Stripes and released his debut solo album in April 2012.

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