Who Is the Blonde Woman with Hannah’s Mom on ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2?

Jackie 13 reasons why

Netflix Jackie is Olivia Baker's new friend on 13 Reasons Why..

If you’re watching 13 Reasons Why Season 2, you may be wondering who this woman is that we keep seeing hanging around with Hannah’s mom. She’s blonde, she’s living at the house it seems, and she’s always around, giving advice. Was she on Season 1? Who is she? Read on for more details. This post has minor spoilers through the first three episodes of Season 2. 

No, you’re not imagining things. The blonde woman we see all the time with Hannah’s mom wasn’t in Season 1. You didn’t forget her. And if you’re thinking that she’s her second attorney, well you’re wrong about that too.

The woman who is with Olivia Baker all the time is a newcomer to the show — and to the Bakers’ life. Her name is Jackie, and Jackie’s own daughter, Tess, killed herself in the past. Now Jackie has dedicated her life to forming an activist group to fight bullying and misdeeds in school. The show is slowly revealing information about her, and only a little has been revealed in the first three episodes.

Many viewers at first thought that she might be Olivia’s second lawyer. But a conversation between Olivia and her lawyer,  revealed that this isn’t the case. In fact, Olivia’s lawyer doesn’t trust her. He is afraid that she isn’t there for completely altruistic purposes, and warned Olivia that she needs to keep a handle on what is done. For example, the woman brought a group of people to picket outside the courthouse, and he was worried that might actually hurt the case.

Now she’s living in Olivia’s house, and she’s really infiltrated Olivia’s life, becoming one of her only friends. Olivia’s husband and Hannah’s dad, Andy, didn’t like Olivia’s determination to find answers and pursue the lawsuit, so he’s moved out. Olivia’s alone and pretty vulnerable, so if someone wants to take advantage of that, this would be a good time.

At first, before Olivia and her lawyer talked about Jackie, I was actually worried that Jackie was just a figment of Olivia’s imagination. But she is indeed real. A press release before the show aired described Jackie (played by Kelli O’Hara) as an “anti-bullying advocate.”

Jackie tells Olivia that she’s the only one who truly understands her, and she’s always on Olivia’s side. She gives her advice and seems to be a friend, but her motives aren’t completely clear. In fact, she oversteps her boundaries at certain times, and Olivia is not happy about it. But she feels like Jackie is her only friend (aside from Tony), and she really needs to forgive her.

Jackie has gotten so involved in Olivia’s life that it’s becoming worrisome. Does she have a secret agenda? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



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