Bishop Michael Curry’s Wife & Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Facebook Michael and Sharon Curry

Bishop Michael Curry will be speaking today during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding. He has been asked to give the sermon. The head of the Episcopal Church’s giving an address is a slight break from tradition, as that honor is traditionally reserved for senior members of the Church of England. Curry is the Episcopal Church’s first African-American leader. If you’re wondering how Curry has a wife and children, it’s because he’s Episcopal, not Catholic. Church of England priests are also allowed to marry. And his family appears to be just as motivational and uplifting as this delightful Bishop who is inspiring millions. Here’s everything you need to know about Michael Curry’s wife, Sharon Curry, and their two daughters, Rachel and Elizabeth.

1. Bishop Michael Curry Is Happily Married to Sharon Curry, Who’s an Organist and Choir Director

Facebook/St. Stephens Episcopal ChurchMichael and Sharon Curry and friends.

Michael Curry is happily married to his beloved wife, Sharon Curry. In an announcement after Curry was elected presiding bishop, Mount Zion Baptist Church Winston Salem posted that his wife, Sharon, had once been their organist (and her mother had also.) This photo above was shared by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, where Sharon serves as the organist and choir director.

2. His Daughter Rachel Is a Self-Employed Mom Who Loves Books

FacebookRachel Curry and her parents

According to his daughter Rachel’s Facebook page, she’s a self-employed mom who loves books and is “Mother to A Future King and Future Queens, Stubborn, Loyal, Lupus Warrior Who Never Quits!” She shares proud photos of her family online, apparently very proud of her dad. And she posts his advice on Facebook, including: “My dad has taught me that we all will make mistakes and stupid decisions, but most things short of death can be worked out.”

Rachel also writes plainly in public posts about her struggles with lupus, and her Episcopal faith. She shares encouraging and motivational posts, such as: “I have a purpose for your pain and struggle. I will reward you for your faithfulness. Be patient. Trust me. I will not fail you.”

She also advised her friends that rather than speaking positively into their friends and family, teach them to speak positively into themselves. “We can’t rely on others to always speak encouragement to us because everyone isn’t equipped to do so,” she wrote. “Have faith in yourself because God made you, have love for yourself because He loves you, encourage yourself, because there will come some days when you are the only one interested or invested, in your personal growth and happiness. Remember, at the end of the day, when that time comes, it’s just you and God and no one else can speak for you then.”

3. Elizabeth Curry Is a Teacher & Is Working on Her Master’s Degree


Elizabeth Curry studied elementary education in college and is currently a teacher, according to her Facebook page. She’s also working on her Master’s degree in Education.

She appears to have also inherited her family’s gift for the written and spoken word. She once shared a public post on Facebook that eloquently described why some people might have trouble with the National Anthem. She wrote: “As a teacher, I’m annoyed with the contradictory statements I’ve seen from a few folks. If the national anthem means so much, have you sat down and taken the time to study each verse and the message that it’s trying to deliver to the reader? Now after that, have you attempted to consider how the message of the text can change depending on who’s reading it and their own personal experiences/those they have witnessed? It’s never been about the flag. It’s never been about the military. If you did some research on the matter and actually made an effort to branch out and understand someone else’s perspective, you would realize that. BUT In the words of Petey from Remember the Titans after they got thrown out of the white restaurant… ‘They don’t wanna know.’ And that’s what it all boils down too. They truly do not want to know.”

4. Michael Curry’s Great-Grandparents Were Sharecroppers & His Great-Great-Grandparents Were Slaves


Curry has said that he always admired his Baptist grandmother, The Washington Post reported. When he was just in middle school, his mother went into a coma from a brain hemorrhage. His grandmother stepped in and raised him during that time. Her parents were sharecroppers and her grandparents were slaves. His mother was Baptist, and didn’t switch to the Episcopal faith until she read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. His dad also switched, which led to some good-natured theological discussions with his grandmother.

One one of his photos, a Facebook friend, Charlotte Rushin, wrote: “Father Curry, Father Michael Curry WOW . Can’t say it enough. I can see your Dad in you and also your Mom. … Praise God . I will never forget those days with you and your family. I enjoyed it very much.”

5. His Family Is Very Supportive of His Calling

FacebookA picture of his family that Michael Curry shared on Facebook.

Curry’s family shares supportive posts about him online, and Michael Curry only has positive things to say right back about them. He shared the photo above on Facebook during a Thanksgiving gathering. He also shared this photo of his wife and daughters from when they were younger:

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