Miss USA 2018 Winner: Who Won the Pageant Tonight?

Tonight, the 2018 winner of the Miss USA Pageant was crowned and the top 3 finalists were Miss Nebraska Sarah Rose Summers, Miss Nevada Carolina Adriana Urrea, and Miss North Carolina Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Miss South Dakota, Florida and Nebraska were the favorites out of the top 5 when it came to America’s votes tonight, so only Miss Nevada was also chosen by the judges.

So, who did last year’s winner, Miss District of Columbia 2017 Kara McCullough, give up her crown to? The second runner up was revealed to be Miss Nevada, which meant that it was down to Nebraska and North Carolina. And the winner of Miss USA 2018 is … Miss Nebraska Sarah Rose Summers.

Miss Nebraska and North Carolina held back tears as they hugged each other and waited for the big reveal. Upon hearing that she was the winner, Miss Nebraska sank to the floor with tears and surprise. She was then crowned and handed a huge bouquet of flowers, before taking her first walk across the stage as Miss USA 2018.

Miss Nevada was the first to answer a question on stage tonight. Miss Nebraska asked her about when she felt unworthy in life. In response, she opened up about when she experienced being homeless with her family, saying the experience helped her become the woman she is today.

Miss Florida was the next up and Miss North Carolina asked about how to better protect women from sexual assault on college campuses. Miss Florida said she hopes for more programs to help women in self defense.

Miss Nebraska was then asked about families and children of single parent households. She used her working in medicine to help with her answer and it definitely impressed the judges.

Miss North Carolina was asked about boy scouts allowing girls to be in their troops. She said that she believes gender equality is an important issue and loves that this inclusion has been made.

Miss Nevada then asked Miss South Carolina about women’s needs to vote in presidential elections. Miss South Carolina said that, as women, people should exercise their rights to vote.

When it came to the final word tonight, Miss Nebraska was the first woman up. Co-host Vanessa Lachey asked her what she would write on a sign at a march and she said she would write, “Speak your voice.” She said communication is very important. Speak out, but also listen to others. Miss North Carolina was the next to answer the same question. Her answer was “Your body. Your rights.” She said that she is a victim of sexual assault and chose to speak up against her violators. She also encourages others to do the same. Miss Nevada was the last one up and she responded with “Let’s Work Together to Eliminate Homelessness.” This is her platform and she speaks from personal experience. She hopes to continue to raise awareness to homeless youth around the world. Miss Nebraska seemed to have the most fluid and solid answer out of the three women.

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