Gordon Ramsay’s Wife & Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gordon Ramsay Wife and Kids


Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chef and business owner, who continues to grow his massive empire in the culinary industry. Along with creating a successful career for himself, he has also built a family of six. Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay, more commonly known as Tana Ramsay, is Gordon Ramsay’s wife. The two got married on December 21, 1996 and went on to have four children together. Some of their kids have already built up their own fan bases, just like their dad. But, life hasn’t always been easy for the Ramsays, who have formed a strong family bond. Get to know more about Gordon Ramsay, wife Tana, and their four kids, Megan, Holly, Jack and Matilda.

2. Tana and Gordon Ramsay Suffered a Traumatic Miscarriage

When Tana and Gordon Ramsay were five months pregnant, they unexpectedly suffered a traumatic miscarriage. Ramsay announced the sad news of their miscarriage via Facebook, writing, “Hi guys, Tana and I want to thank you so much for your support over the past couple of weeks. We had a devastating weekend as Tana has sadly miscarried our son at five months. We’re together healing as a family, but we want to thank everyone again for all your amazing support and well wishes. I’d especially like to send a big thank you to the amazing team at Portland Hospital for everything they’ve done.” This would have been the couple’s fifth child.

Prior to the miscarriage, Gordon announced the pregnancy news on The Late Late Show with host James Corden, saying, “We have three girls and a boy … and one more on the way!” The couple found out they had lost the baby when they were in London, in June 2016. Gordon and Tana’s daughter, Megan, actually ran the London Marathon in 2017 in memory of the lost child – her baby brother, Rocky. Gordon has discussed the impact the loss had on his family and he said it’s actually had a positive effect, explaining that, “It has brought us all so much closer. You realise how lucky you are and you reflect on what you have, how fortunate you are with your remaining children and you remind yourself of what you’ve got. It’s made the family unit even tighter.”

The Daily Mail reported that some of the famous friends who were showing their support to the couple, during their grieving, were Jamie and Jools Oliver and David and Victoria Beckham. A few months after suffering the loss, Gordon said that, “Jamie and Jools were among the first to reach out and send their sympathy. Victoria and David have been amazing. They came to see Tana and me immediately and showed their support, and that was mind-blowing … We were devastated, but thankfully we’re through the worst now. It could happen at any time to anyone.”

2. Gordon Ramsay Was Accused of Cheating With an Alleged Mistress

Over the years, the Ramsays have weathered cheating rumors, family scandals and trauma, but have come out on top. According to Delish, in 2008, a woman named Sarah Symonds claimed that she had been a mistress of Gordon Ramsay’s throughout his marriage. She went on to write a book called “Having an Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman.” Gordon denied any affair took place and his wife has stayed by his side.

Though the allegations were denied, the NZ Herald reported rumors that encounters did take place with Symonds. According to The Daily Mirror, Gordon allegedly told a friend that, “I’m so sorry I’ve put Tana through this. I’ve apologized to her and feel absolutely dreadful. I feel I’ve been a fool. She really doesn’t deserve all this grief.” The Daily Mail reported that wife Tana said she never believed the cheating rumors, but that she does get jealous and the claims were difficult to hear about.

A cheating scandal wasn’t the only hardship that Gordon and Tana Ramsay have had to deal with in their marriage. Years ago, Tana’s father, Chris Hutcheson, helped Gordon financially for his first restaurant, and the working relationship carried on for well over a decade. Sadly, in 2010, news spread that Gordon had accused Hutcheson of embezzling 1.5 million pounds and Hutcheson ended up in jail for six months. When discussing how the unfortunate turn of events affected his family to The Sun, Gordon said that, “We had our family to protect, and you become territorial. We looked after each other. And it’s actually brought us — me, Tana, and the children — closer than we’ve ever been before.” The Sun also reported that the situation worsened when Tana and Gordon found out that Hutcheson had a secret mistress, with whom he had two kids.

3. Gordon Ramsay’s Net Worth Will Not Be Inherited By His Children

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gordon Ramsay has amassed a fortune of $160 million and rakes in an estimated salary of $60 million per year. His earnings come from his many television shows, restaurants, and other business ventures. He came from very humble beginnings and left home at the age of 16 years old, so Telegraph reports that he does not take his money for granted. He also is firm that he raises his children to know the value of a dollar.

One would think that Gordon and Tana’s children would have everything handed to them on a silver platter, with refined palettes and expensive tastes, but Gordon insists this is not the case. For example, Gordon told Telegraph, “They don’t sit with us in first class. They haven’t worked anywhere near hard enough to afford that. At that age, at that size, you’re telling me they need to sit in first class? No, they do not. We’re really strict on that … I worked my fucking arse off to sit that close to the pilot and you appreciate it more when you’ve grafted for it.”

Gordon also says that his kids earn their own money, whether it’s through jobs or allowance-paid tasks. He says they have to pay for their own phones and other privileges. And when it comes to any inheritance, Gordon told Telegraph that, “It’s definitely not going to them, and that’s not in a mean way; it’s to not spoil them. The only thing I’ve agreed with Tana is they get a 25 per cent deposit on a flat, but not the whole flat. I’ve been super lucky, having that career for the last 15 years in the US. Seriously, it has earned a fortune and I’ve been very lucky, so I respect everything I’ve got.”

4. Tana Ramsay Was Dating Another Man When She Met Gordon

When Tana Ramsay met husband Gordon, she was actually dating another man, according to Delish. In fact, she was dating another British cook, whose name was Tim. Actually, Celebs Now reported that Tana and Tim were engaged, though she was just 18 years old at the time. Delish reported that Tim and Gordon were actually friends and when the relationship ended, that’s when Gordon made his move.

At the time, Gordon had such a hectic schedule as a chef, that the two could only meet at odd hours for dates. Tana was just 21 years old when she tied the knot with Gordon, who was 8 years older than she.

Before her husband struck it rich, Tana Ramsay was a Montessori-trained schoolteacher. This method of education, as reported by the American Montessori Society, is based on scientific observations. Tana went on to leave teaching and became an author in cookery, as well as a TV broadcaster. She has also appeared on several of her husband’s shows, along with family projects.

5. In Order to Have Kids Gordon and Tana Ramsay Went Through IVF

Delish previously reported that the Ramsays had to go through in vitro fertilization in order to have each of their kids, two of whom are twins (Holly and Jack). The couple’s eldest daughter, Matilda Elizabeth “Tilly” Ramsay, has now actually famous in her own right and is following in the footsteps of her father. She is an actress, television presenter and TV chef, with her own television show on the CBBC network, titled Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch. Her family members also often appear on the show, so it is definitely a family affair. The show often follows the Ramsay family on vacations and showcases Tilly’s cooking. Some of the guest stars who have appeared on the show include Cruz Beckham, James Corden, and Bryce Dallas Howard. In 2017, Tilly came out with a cookbook influenced by her TV show, titled “Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover”.

Tilly has also made quite a name for herself on social media, adding to her career success. And, she’s made appearances on other shows, in addition to her own. Her appearances have included This Morning, Blue Peter, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef Junior and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

When she appeared on MasterChef Junior in 2018, she presented a challenge to the contestants. Tilly poked fun at her father and then gave a tutorial on how to cook her perfect cheeseburger. This was not her first MasterChef Junior appearance, however. In fact, Tilly has appeared on several of her dad’s programs. Her first television appearance was on another one of her dad’s TV shows, The F Word in 2005. Her siblings appeared with her as well.