Incredibles 2 After Credits: Is There an End Credits Scene?

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The Incredibles 2 has hit theaters, bringing the exploits of the Parr family back to the big screen in the long-awaited sequel. The genius of The Incredibles franchise was how it appealed to both children and the adults they would normally grudgingly drag along to an animated feature.

However, does The Incredibles 2 have an after credits scene? The answer is no. Unfortunately there is not an end credits scene in The Incredibles 2. There is a reason to stick around, though. Some theme songs play once the credits start and there’s some animation but there is not a traditional after credits scene.

The lack of an end credits scene in The Incredibles 2 is a disappointment to some fans because such scenes have appeared in other movies with more frequency – and especially superhero movies. The concept of an end credits surprise at the end of movies was mostly popularized by the Marvel franchise. The Incredibles 2 is an animated superhero movie, of course, so maybe that made all the difference, but it seems like the sequel missed a chance to send up another spoof. End credits scenes sometimes are used to set up sequels. It’s not yet clear whether there will be an Incredibles 3, but the reviews for the second movie, which came out on June 14, 2018, are good so far (95 percent positive on its first day from the review site Rotten Tomatoes.)

Warning: Don’t keep reading if you want to avoid spoilers.

Bob Parr, Super Dad

The Disney Pixar sequel’s plot is a Daddy Daycare style movie at heart; it revolves around the family patriarch, Bob Parr, staying at home to watch the couple’s son, Jack-Jack, and two other children while his wife, Helen (Elastigirl), is busy doing what superheroes do. Craig T. Nelson is the voice of Bob Parr; Helen Parr is voiced by the raspy voiced Holly Hunter. It turns out that Helen has, as daughter Violet puts it, a “new job.” She’s doing it all for the greater good and her family; she’s trying to make superheroes legal. You can watch the trailer for The Incredibles 2 above.

“I’ll watch the kids, no problem,” Bob says. Of course, The Incredibles movies have always worked because in so many ways the family is exactly like all of us. They have the problems of a typical family (Bob can’t figure out his kid’s math homework, for example), and they have the love within many families, and they are exactly like us even when they actually are not like us at all. That and the witty dialogue drove people to the first movie, which came out about 14 years ago.

“Hi Honey, how are the kids?” Helen asks. “Everything’s great,” Bob replies, as everything’s falling apart. It’s a lot harder to be dad to a baby when he has some crazy powerful super powers you haven’t quite appreciated yet. Then again, haven’t all parents felt that way at times.

Some other recent movies also have not had end credits scenes. Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t, for example. Deadpool 2 did have end credits scenes. There was no post-credit sequence for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. You also did not get an end credits scene in the Wonderwoman blockbuster. Thus, the trend hasn’t spread to all big Hollywood productions. At least not yet.