POLL: Is ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Better or Worse Since Gimple Joined & Erickson Left?

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Now that we’re about to start a long hiatus before the second of Fear the Walking Dead, it’s time to have a serious discussion. What do you think about Season 4 of Fear? Things at the show changed dramatically this season. Scott Gimple was promoted to Chief Content Officer, which meant that he had creative control to oversee Season 4 of Fear, a show that he was not closely working on prior to this.

In addition, there were other changes outside of the obvious changes in actors. Michael E. Satrazemis joined as directing producer, while still also working on The Walking Dead. He directed 12 episodes of TWD, including “Dead or Alive.” The show also changed showrunners for Season 4, with Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg from Once Upon a Time joining as the new showrunners. This also accompanied the exit of Dave Erickson. He was the executive producer and co-creator for Seasons 1-3, but left after Season 3 to begin developing new shows for AMC.

Fans’ views on whether the show has improved or gotten worse are pretty divided. Many fans really like the new characters John Dorie and the journalist Althea. But many fans aren’t too excited about the way the episodes are filmed, with present-day scenes being shown in an almost sepia tone. Some fans don’t like the plot twists this season and feel like Strand and Nick, for example, acted out of character. Nick told Madison that he was afraid to leave the stadium because he was scared to be away from her. That really didn’t fit with his previous character at all.

So fan views seem to be mixed. They enjoy the new characters, but feel like the old characters are changing too much. They don’t like how Nick died, since he was one of the most interesting characters on the show. (His death, however, was the actor’s decision and not the producers’ choice.) Other fans say that the show may not be as good as Season 3, but it’s still on par with or better than Season 1.

So what is your verdict about Season 4, since Gimple took over and the other changes were made in the show? Is it better or worse than previous seasons? Take the poll to let us know, and then leave a comment also with more details about what you think.

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