How to Watch the Finale of ‘Our Wild Life’ Live Online

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Bobby Jo and Jerry Abrams have their hands full with three kids and 81 pets! Be sure not to miss the season finale of Our Wild Life tonight on TLC at 10pm ET/PT.

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One kid is a lot. But three kids and 81 animals, which range from a zebra to a camel to llamas? Now that’s, well, wild.

Our Wild Life centers on Bobbi Jo and Jerry Abrams, who are raising their extremely large family on a 16-acre farm in Pinetops, North Carolina.

In an interview with WITN, Bobbi Jo explains that she wasn’t always in the ‘animal’ business. “I fax painted for about 15 years, that’s how I raised my kids, but my husband does Abrams BBQ Catering and Amusements,” she explains.

So how did she get the idea to start taking in animals and found the business ‘Zoo Life’? Seven years ago, Bobbi Jo was involved in a catering gig. The owners of the petting zoo cancelled last minute, so Bobbi Jo had to start collecting all of her friends’ and families’ animals. “I borrowed everybody’s animals I knew. I had ducks in the bathtub, crates all over the house.”

Since then, she’s continued in that line of business. “We take in… a lot of rescues, and of course we purchase some as well, but we got more rescues than purchases,” Jerry explains.

It was their five-year-old Kangaroo named Buddy, a rescue who is missing some fingers, who drew the attention of TLC. “I hope when people see where I’m from that God gets all the glory, that nobody like me could have ever done what I was doing on my own,” Bobbi Jo tells WITN.

The show, however, has sparked controversy, and anger from some animal rights activist. In Touch reports Brittany Peet, PETA’s Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement, as saying, “A human household is no place for dozens of animals who all have unique needs and temperaments and require expert care… In the first episode alone, the family members allow a variety of species to roam loose around the home — where they could easily injure themselves or others — and even take a baby kangaroo into town for a trip to the grocery store.”

It remains to be seen if the show will live to see another season. Tonight, however, the finale is continuing as planned, and will air on TLC at 10pm ET/PT.

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