Stephen Baldwin, Hailey’s Dad: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Actor Stephen Baldwin attends the The Ticket Premiere during the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival at SVA Theatre 2 on April 16, 2016 in New York City.

Pop superstar Justin Bieber and model and television personality Hailey Baldwin have reportedly been engaged, according to TMZ. The publication reports that Bieber proposed at a resort in the Bahamas. The couple have yet to officially confirm the news but that hasn’t stopped their parents from spilling the beans a bit, including Hailey’s dad and well known actor Stephen Baldwin.

Here’s everything you need to know about Stephen Baldwin, Hailey Baldwin’s dad.

1. Stephen Baldwin Congratulated Hailey and Bieber Over Twitter But Deleted His Message Shortly Afterwards

Stephen congratulated the engagement of Hailey and Bieber over Twitter the same day news of the engagement broke. “Sweet smile on my face,” he wrote. “Always pray for God’s will. He is moving in the hearts of JB & HB. Het’s all pray for his will to be done. Love you two so much!” He also tagged both of Bieber’s parents to congratulate them.

Stephen later deleted the tweet and replaced it with a tweet containing the Bible verse John 1:14.

Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber took to Instagram to congratulate his son.

Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, also appeared to congratulate the pair over Twitter.

2. Baldwin Has Over 100 Film and TV Credits

stephen baldwin actor

GettyStephen Baldwin, Actor, attends National Geographic’s premiere screening of America Inside Out with Katie Couric on April 9, 2018 in New York City.

Baldwin has over a 100 acting credits according to his page on IMDB. His roles include McManus in The Usual Suspects, Billy Vorsovich in Born on the Fourth of July, Little J in Posse, Stuart in Threesome, Doyle Johnson in Bio-Dome, and Barney Rubble in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. He also appeared in TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother.

According to IMDB, Baldwin has won the Best Acting by an Ensemble award for The Usual Suspects from the National Board of Review, the Best Cast Ensemble award for The Usual Suspects from the Awards Circuit Community Awards, and the Worst On-Screen Hairstyle award for Bio-Dome from The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards.

In an interview with The Guardian, Baldwin said that he grew up in Long Island, New York with five brothers and sisters, including fellow popular actors Alec, Billy, and Danny Baldwin. His father was a schoolteacher and his mother founded a breast cancer care center. Meanwhile Baldwin describes himself and his brothers as “Badly behaved, outspoken, famous-in-our-town, dumb jocks” growing up.

3. He Became a Born Again Christian After Heavy Drug Use

Hailey Baldwin Dad

GettyActor Stephen Baldwin attends Montblanc Celebrates 90 Years of the Iconic Meisterstuck on April 3, 2014 at Guastavino’s in New York City.

After his roles in The Usual Suspects and Bio-Dome, he became heavily involved in alcohol and cocaine as he told The Guardian. He first took cocaine during his high school prom. But he then left rehab at the age of 23 and married Brazilian graphic designer Kennya Deodato in 1990. They had two daughters, Alaia and Hailey.

Baldwin said that Kennya was instrumental in becoming a born-again Christian. Kennya hired a housekeeper, Augusta, who sang about Jesus as she worked. When Kennya asked Augusta why, she said that her local church in Brazil had told her that she should take the job with Kennya and Stephen because they would become believers and have their own ministry if she did. Sometime after that Kennya became born again and Stephen followed her after nine months. However he didn’t fully commit to it until after the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

Baldwin then set up company called Global Breakthrough Ministry which staged arena tours around the country while mixing extreme sports and the teachings of Christianity. He also directed a spin-off video known as Livin It which sold over 500,000 copies. He also founded a radio show with Kevin McCullough known as Baldwin/McCullough Xtreme Radio. He also toured different churches, wrote two books, and established an outreach service to help members of the US armed forces.

4. He Was Arrested for Failing to File Taxes for Three Years

stephen baldwin taxes

GettyActor Stephen Baldwin addresses the media after pleading guilty to a charge of repeated failure to file income taxes at Rockland County Courthouse on March 29, 2013 in New City, New York. Baldwin, a contestant on ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’, was accused of failing to file income tax returns from 2008-2010 and faced up to four years in prison.

In December 2012, Baldwin was arrested in New York after failing to file state income taxes for 2008, 2009, and 2010, according to Heavy.

In March 2013, Baldwin pleaded guilty to failing to file his taxes and agreed to pay $300,000 in back taxes, according to CNN. He initially had to pay $400,000, but the court waived interest and penalties bringing it to $350,000 and then reduced it again to $300,000. He had to pay back the money within a year in order to have the charge taken off his record, or else be sentenced to five years probation and have five years to repay the money.

His attorney Russel Yankwitt argued that it was difficult for Baldwin to pay off his taxes because it was difficult for him to get jobs in Hollywood that were compatible with his faith, the publication reported.

5. Baldwin Supported Donald Trump’s Campaign, But His Views Have Reportedly Changed

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GettyDonald Trump and Stephen Baldwin attend the ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ Red Carpet Event at Trump Tower on April 16, 2013 in New York City.

While his brother Alec is well known for his portrayal of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, Stephen was one of the first big name actors to endorse Trump back in July 2015 according to Variety.

In fact, when CBS News asked what Stephen thought about his brother’s impersonation of Trump in October 2016, he said that “I don’t want to be a party pooper here, but I don’t think it’s very funny. I don’t think there’s anything funny about this election.”

He told Variety in January 2017 that he felt that the previous administration didn’t try to unify anything. “They had their agenda,” he said. “God bless them. They are gone.” He also said that he was most hopeful about improvements to the economy under Trump and that healthcare premiums will go down. “I think he really wants the best for everybody,” he said.

However, Hailey told The Times in March 2017 that Stephen might have changed his stance on Trump with everything that happened since his inauguration. However she didn’t specify how his stance changed, only saying that they “didn’t see eye to eye” when it came to their political beliefs but she’d never let politics get in the way of family.

Hailey has been vocal about her views on the Trump administration. During the Women’s March on Washington, she posted an aerial view of the crowd on her Instagram and expressed her support for the protest, saying that “This is our country.”

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