Is Jenelle Evans Fired Over Road Rage & Gun Incident?

Jenelle Evans Son Jace

Instagram Pictured: Jenelle Evans and son Jace

Over the course of this season of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans has had her fair share of drama going on, especially when it comes to her marriage. Husband David Eason was reportedly fired from MTV after making offensive and homophobic comments on social media. On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Evans is shown getting into a road rage incident, with her young son Jace in the front seat of her vehicle.

In April 2018, Radar Online reported that the driver of the other vehicle claimed that Evans “hit his truck, ran over his mailbox and pulled a gun on him.” The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina report also stated, “A crazy lady followed him to his house, she is fixing to get shot. She was driving blocking traffic, he tried to pass her on the inside like everyone else and she flipped out.” Evans relayed to officers on that day that it was the man whose truck hit hers, trying to block her from leaving the scene.

Evans also contacted police and relayed her take on the road rage situation, saying, “He would not stop. Then he races in front of me and purposely slammed on the brakes at 70 something miles an hour … This guy is trying his hardest for me not to be behind him anymore. He is literally going crazy, swerving in and out of lanes. My son, his head almost got whiplash and almost hit the dash. That’s how bad I had to slam on the breaks.”

Previously on the show, Evans talked to her son Jace about how she believes in a person’s right to defend themselves with guns. Evans also came under fire for posing with assault rifles in photos on social media the day after the Parkland school shooting occurred.

Evans has also been on “thin ice” with production, according to In Touch Weekly, for not attending the reunion taping this season. An insider told Us Weekly that Evans is on “very, very thin ice with MTV and could be fired from the show … Jenelle will be interviewed this week for the Teen Mom reunion since she refused to go to New York City for filming. [David Eason] won’t be interviewed since he was fired from the show. David has expressed interest in sitting down with [host] Dr. Drew Pinsky, but at this point, who knows if that will happen.”

Though Evans has audience-capturing story lines on Teen Mom 2, many fans voice questions as to why Evans has not been fired, especially since she and her husband, Eason, recently spoke out against MTV for hiring Bristol Palin to be a part of Teen Mom OG. There are also rumors that Eason wants Evans to quit the show. Could Evans’ days on the show be numbered?

When Eason was reportedly fired from MTV, there were rumors that Evans was also canned. In March 2018, Evans spoke out to confirm that she was still employed by MTV. Evans wrote on Twitter that, “I filmed all day yesterday, now you know. Happy? Just pointing it out so The Ashley can stop writing false statements about me for the rest of my life.”