Miki Sudo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Miki Sudo

Getty Miki Sudo

Miki Victoria Sudo is a top-tier competitive eater, ranked top three in the world among women. She is probably best-known for winning the women’s competition at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest; Sudo unseated the previous champion, Sonya Thomas, in 2014, and has won in every year since. In 2018, Sudo gulped down 37 hot dogs and hot dog buns in just ten minutes. She fell short of her 2017 record of 41 hot dogs, but she still took home the Nathans belt.

A dedicated athlete, Sudo is constantly working to improve her own performance — and she isn’t content to be just a hot dog champion. She has taken prizes in pie eating contests, bratwurst eating contests, and turkey-eating championships, among others. She came away with a bronze medal after a deep-fried aparagus eating contest in Stockton, California; she won the gold in a kimchi eating contest held in Chicago.

Food writers say that Sudo stands out from her competitors because of her unique, elegant style — she moves around as if shes dancing while she eats — and her irrepressible sense of humor.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Sudo Learned to Devour Her Food While Living in Japan

Sudo was born in New York City to a Japanese father and a European-American mother. When Sudo was four years old, the family moved to Japan, where they lived for seven years.

Sudo says that living in Japan taught her the importance of always finishing the food on her plate. She said it’s considered the height of rudeness to leave food behind.

2. Sudo Was the Second Best Child Sumo Wrestler in All of Japan

While in Japan, Sudo also got into sumo wrestling. By age eight, she was competing in sumo tournaments. “There was a national competition, and in my division, I took second place in the country,” she told Maxim magazine.

3. Sudo’s Favorite Foods Are Grilled Salmon and Sushi

Sudo says that of all the food eating contests in the world, Nathan’s is her favorite. “My favorite competition food is probably Nathan’s just because it’s huge. It’s the largest event on the circuit, it’s the Super Bowl of competitive eating, so that’s a great event,” she told Newsweek.

She says ribs and chicken wings are the most enjoyable foods to eat competitively.

But when she’s not competing, her favorite foods are much healthier: grilled salmon, and sushi. Sudo has also been spotted at all-you-can-eat Korean buffets.

She says that in the lead-up to the Nathans competition, she is careful to get into the best shape possible.

4. Sudo Won Her First Competitive Eating Contest While a Student at Fordham University

Sudo got her undergraduate degree from Fordham University in New York. In her freshman year, she got wind of a cereal-eating contest being held in the dining hall. Always the consummate competitor, Sudo signed up, and she won hands down.

She came away with first prize — a DVD player which she still uses.

She Trains for Competition by Juicing

In the lead-up to a big competition, Sudo likes to consume lots of juice — drinking her nutrients, instead of eating them, makes it easier for her body to process them, Sudo says. The “princess of competitive eating” is especially fond of kale and quinoa.

But when she’s not in training, Sudo goes in for spicy tacos and Japanese Asahi beer.

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