AGT 2018 Live Results: Who Made it Through to Semi Finals Tonight? – 8/29/2018

AGT 2018 Results

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Tonight is the third live results show for America’s Got Talent 2018, which means that next week starts the semi finals. Last night, 12 acts performed as part 3 of the quarter finals for the season and tonight, only 7 of them made it through to the next round. Read on for the live recap of what went down.

The Dunkin’ Save continues to help the contestants of season 13, with at-home viewers having the power to vote one of the acts in jeopardy through in the competition. Only one of the three acts can be saved live by America. Another of the three can be saved by the judges. Last night’s acts included opera singer Daniel Emmet, daredevil magician Aaron Crow, singer Michael Ketterer, Illusionist Rob Lake, Musicians Us the Duo, acrobatic group Zurcaroh, violinist Brian King Joseph, singer Christina Wells, entertainer Hans, singer Joseph O’Brien, Chicago dance crew The Future Kingz, and dance group UDI Dance.

The acts that already made it through to the semi finals, from the first two parts of the quarter finals are singer Amanda Mena, dance group Junior New System, band We Three, magician Shin Lim, stand up comedienne Vicki Barbolak, singer Courtney Hadwin, choir Angel City Chorale, singer Makayla Phillips, dance group Da RepubliK, musician Noah Guthrie, stand-up comedian Samuel J. Comroe, choir Voices of Hope, singer Glennis Grace and trapeze artists Duo Transcend. Now let’s get into tonight’s results, updated throughout the live show.

Starting out the results show, there was a recap of last night’s performances, along with some behind-the-scenes footage. And then, the judges were introduced to the viewers for the evening.

The acts who ended up in 6th, 7th and 8th place after America’s votes were tallied, were all in jeopardy. These acts included Aaron Crow, Daniel Emmet, and The Future Kingz. Two of these acts were to go through, whether because of the Dunkin’ Save or the judges’ votes, while one would face elimination. As the votes started to come in, it looked like Emmet was in the lead.

Up next were the results for Us the Duo and entertainer Hans. The act going through to the semi finals is … Us the Duo, which means the glittery Hans is not moving forward. Judge Mel B became a little emotional upon hearing the news and told the two singers that they have such talent. She also said she wished Hans could have made it through in the competition as well.

Next was Brian King Joseph and Joseph O’Brien. And the next act moving forward was Brian King Joseph, who gave O’Brien a hug after hearing the results. He began to cry as he thanked the viewers for voting him through. Judge Heidi Klum gushed over his talent and said that he is just such a sweet person, even when the cameras are not rolling.

After a short commercial break, the show covered head judge Simon Cowell getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Cowell’s acceptance speech at the site was shown, with the judge getting choked up about his family. Stars including Paula Abdul, Camila Cabello and Louis Tomlinson all participated in a video to honor Cowell in his great achievement. Even Cowell’s son, Eric, made an appearance.

Before getting into more results, the cast of Broadway show “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” took the stage to put on a medley performance.

Now let’s get into some more results … between Michael Ketterer, Rob Lake, and Christina Wells, the act going through was … Michael Ketterer. But, he wasn’t the only one … Wells made it through also. Zurcaroh and UDI Dance were the next two acts to find out their fates and the act who made it into the semi finals was Zurcaroh. Judge Cowell gushed over the acrobatic dancers, as did Mel B.

And, all that was left were the results for the three acts in jeopardy – Aaron Crow, Daniel Emmet, and The Future Kingz. Daniel Emmet was the act put through by tonight’s live Dunkin Save. This is the second time that the singer has been saved in this competition.

Then, it was down to Crow and The Future Kingz for the judges’ votes. So, before their choices were revealed, there was a brief video montage of the two acts’ performances. In the end, the act that went through was Aaron Crow.

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