Who Is Advancing to Stage 2 on ‘American Ninja Warrior’?

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Tonight, the top ninjas in America battled it out on stage 1 of Mt. Midoriyama.

The athletes had 2 minutes and 25 seconds to complete a very difficult set of obstacles, and only a handful were able to pass stage 1 to qualify for stage 2.

Advancing to Stage 2:

1. Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi
2. Daniel Gil
3. Austin Gray
4. Adam Rayl
5. Tyler Gillett
6. Ethan Swanson
7. Karson Voiles
8. Sean Bryan
9. Josh Levin
10. Dan Polizzi
11. Jamie Rahn
12. Casey Suchoki

Evening Highlights

– Newcomer Matthew Day had a great start, but unfortunately, slipped on the Jumping Spider

– Nick Hanson completed the entire course and was just about to hit the buzzer when time ran out

– Kyle Shulze, the “Deaf Ninja”, had an epic city finals run, but unfortunately fell on his first obstacle

– Austin Gray sped through the course and hit the buzzer for his first time here on ANW

– Jon Alexis made it through almost the entire course in barely any time, but he wasn’t able to grab the carbo net on the final part of the last obstacle

– Flip Rodriguez moved quickly on the first two obstacles, but lost control of the bar on the double dipper

– Karson Voiles made his 4th national finals appearance this evening and was able to hit the buzzer with plenty of time to spare

Mount Midoriyama

In total, Mount Midoriyama consists of 23 obstacles, and is split up into four stages 1. Stage 1 consists of challenges that test a contestant’s agility and speed. Stage 2 tests strength and speed. Stage 3 is a challenge of a competitor’s body strength and grip strength. The last stage, meanwhile, is a 75-foot rope climb that has to be climbed in less than 30 seconds.