Kelly Ripa Stuns in a String Bikini as Mark Consuelos Admires Her ‘Beautiful Soul’

Kelly Ripa bikini body


Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos are enjoying their summer vacation, escaping their hectic schedules for a few days of R&R. On Monday, August 27, Consuelos shared a photo of him and his wife relaxing on a boat. As he sat looking over the ocean, his wife stunned in a string bikini while standing near the wheel of the boat.

“Love this photo, love the beautiful soul leading the way as always,” Consuelos captioned the post. You can check it out below.

Fans couldn’t help but comment on the picture and on Consuelos’ sweet words about his wife. The couple has been married for more than two decades now, but their love for one another seems stronger than ever.

“Wow that love you two have for each other is just… just amazing, blessings and much love for you two out there,” wrote one Instagram user.

“What a beautiful, peaceful picture!! I love your love for each other,” echoed a second.

“This is such nostalgic looking picture I love it!!! Kelly rocks any picture. Love you both,” added a third.

As you can see, Consuelos added the hashtag, #marriedabovemystation — and it’s not the first time he’s used the saying. It means that he married someone out of his league — according to the Free Dictionary, it means, “To marry someone who is of a higher social class or standing than oneself.” It’s undoubtedly a very sweet thing to say and an even more sweet way to feel.

Consuelos and Ripa have a less conventional love story than other celeb couples. The two met during Consuelos’ audition for All My Children and ended up having instant chemistry.

“I was drawn to Mark because he was positively an alpha male, and I didn’t think I would be drawn to that. But I just worship him,” Ripa told Elle Magaine back in 2013.

A couple of months later, Consuelos and Ripa went for a walk and he proposed — but it wasn’t a down-on-one-knee-with-a-huge-diamond proposal; he asked Ripa to elope. The two flew to Vegas and tied the knot in 1996.

They have been happily married since then, and are parents to three ridiculously good-looking children. They often share sweet moments with fans on social media — and Consuelos’ post from this morning was certainly no exception.