Kelly Ripa Shares Rare Throwback Photo Of Kids From 2003

Kelly Ripa Instagram kids


Kelly Ripa shared a sweet throwback photo of herself with her three kids from 2003, in honor of social media’s “Throwback Thursday.” In the photo, Ripa is sitting with her three children — all of whom were very small at the time — especially Joaquin, who couldn’t have been any more than a few months old, sitting in his mom’s lap.

Ripa appears to be sitting in the sand and has an utterly exhausted look on her face, something that all moms can certainly relate to. Her son, Michael, who is now 21, was looking into the camera, as his younger sister, Lola, now 17, played with her back toward the camera.

Ripa reminisced about that time in her life when things were just a little bit chaotic. She posted a quote that her husband Mark Consuelos once said — “A vacation with your kids is a trip, not a vacation” — and she got tons of support from other parents who felt the exact same way! You can check out the photo below.

“OMG! I [love] your face! Never a vacation with little kids.. just life with different scenery!” wrote one Instagram user.

“Vacation with kids is a sacrificial pilgrimage,” joked a second.

“Same goes to when you take your aging parents on ‘vacation’….that’s just a ‘trip’ also. Now I need a vacation,” added a third.

Earlier this week, Mark Consuelos shared a picture of him and his wife on vacation. It didn’t appear as though the two were with their children as they enjoyed some R&R out on the open ocean by way of a boat. Of course, if they did decide to take a “trip” with their kids these days, they’d have a completely different experience.