Do Joe Amabile & Kendall Long Break Up on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Joe Amabile And Kendall Long

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UPDATE: Kendall Long flew out to Chicago to tell Joe Amabile she made a mistake by letting him go. The two are now dating and Amabile has accepted an offer to be on Dancing With the Stars.

Joe “the Grocer” Amabile and Kendall Long have had their ups and downs on Bachelor in Paradise 2018, but the issues mainly revolved around Long’s wavering feelings. She also had reservations about getting into a committed relationship, but seemed to have a good thing going with Amabile. So, what is the deal with the couple? Are they still together after BIP5? Did they break up? Get all the SPOILERS on the two cast members below.

Amabile and Long started a romance together at the beginning of the season and all seemed to be going well, but when Leo Dottavio showed up, their relationship nearly ended. Dottavio ended up taking Long out on a date and Amabile was hurt that she accepted the date. He was even more hurt to know that she had kissed Dottavio and that she was interested in Dottavio. Despite this, he was determined to win Long over.

Dottavio was later outed for kissing fellow cast member Chelsea Roy after his date with Long. Dottavio had continued to push some form of commitment from Long, so his actions surprised her. When confronted by Long, Dottavio attempted to turn the blame around on her, but it blew up in his face. Dottavio started lashing out at the other cast members on the show as well. He even called Amabile a “grocery store bitch”, according to TMZ, and a physical fight nearly broke out.

This was the end of Dottavio on the show and it made Long see that Amabile was genuine. Not long after, however, John Graham made a play for Long. They exchanged a kiss and Long realized she didn’t want to ruin her relationship with Amabile.

Going into finale week of the show, fans may wonder about what happens with the couple. According to Reality Steve Amabile and Long do not leave paradise as a couple, which means they break up. But, the two reportedly still hang out and follow each other on Instagram. Long does not follow Dottavio online. It’s safe to say that Dottavio won’t be appearing on any Bachelor or Bachelorette spin-off shows any time soon.

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On tonight’s episode, Amabile reveals that he was initially nervous about commitment, but he wants to be in a long-term relationship with Long. Though Long is scared to commit, Amabile wonders about their future and whether they might get engaged. When Amabile starts to get serious with Long, she pulls away, clearly scared off, much to the dismay of Kendall and Grocer Joe fans out there.

Amabile tells the cameras that he believes he and Long are good together, but she starts to have a change of heart. Long tells Amabile she wants to “sleep on it,” but he insists on talking out her concerns. Long walks away upset and Amabile realizes that something is wrong in their relationship.

Episode 10 of this season airs tonight, with the finale episode airing tomorrow. Some couples will break up, while some will get engaged. Unfortunately for Amabile, he will not walk out of paradise with Long at his side.

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