WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Harasses Refugee Family on IG Live

Getty Lindsay Lohan attends a red carpet ceremony.

Lindsay Lohan caused a social media meltdown on Friday night when she posted a video of herself on Instagram. The video shows Lohan following an unidentified woman and her two children on the street and accusing the woman of child trafficking. The actress can be heard adopting a faux accent before attempting to take the children away from the women.

“They’re trafficking children… I won’t leave until I take you,” she tells the children. “Now I know who you are. Don’t f*ck with me.” Lohan proceeds to tell the woman that she is “ruining” Arab culture and says several different nonsensical words before continuing her accusations. “You are taking these children,” she adds. “They want to go… I’m with you boys don’t worry.” Watch the two-minute video below.

Lohan Threatened to Take Away the Woman’s Children

After the woman and her children attempt to get away from Lohan, she follows them and tells them that she’s capturing the entire incident on her phone. “The whole world is seeing this right now,” she says. “I stay with you, don’t worry.” Lohan continues to follow the family, at one point saying “give me your hand,” but the woman yells out before seemingly hitting the actress.

The camera is focused downward, so it is unclear what specific physical action occured between them. The phone appears to fall after the altercation, and Lohan turns it onto herself after the family walks away. “I’m like in shock,” she explains, visibly hiding back tears. Lohan’s post exploded on Twitter, where many were baffled and shocked by her actions. Check out some of the most notable reactions below.

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Twitter Has Reacted to Lohan’s Actions With Shock

“…so Lindsay Lohan accused a possibly homeless woman of child trafficking and tried to steal her children, but got punched in the face, while streaming to her Instagram, is a thing that I am reading apparently happened in real life?” wrote one confused user.

Another tweeted: “Lindsay Lohan’s IG live is one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen. She’s speaking gibberish in a fake accent and trying to take two homeless boys to a hotel room against their parents wishes. Their mom pushes her to the ground and then Lindsey cries into the camera.” Check out additional reactions below.

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Other pointed out that less than an hour before, Lohan had been posting Instagram videos from a club, and the confusion over how she ended up walking the streets and encountering the family in question proved too much for some. “Lindsay Lohan went from clubbing to getting punched in the face for trying to kidnap 2 refugee children….all on instagram live,” tweeted a user.

“Idk why I was watching Lindsay Lohan’s instagram live,” wrote another user, “but one minute she was at the club, and then the next she was trying to “save” a homeless Arab family??” One user went as far as to crown it one of the most bizarre moments of the year. “Lindsay Lohan live streaming herself chasing a homeless syrian family accusing them of trafficking children is probably the weirdest content to come out of 2018 yet.”