Captain Lee Rosbach’s Wife & Kids: Get to Know His Family

Captain Lee Rosbach Wife


Captain Lee Rosbach has been the “stud of the seas” on Below Deck for years and his wife, Mary Anne, has even appeared on the show. Fellow cast member Kate Chastain has described the couple as “cute” and “like high school sweethearts”. Rosbach, who is often at sea, has admitted that he doesn’t get to communicate that much with his wife when he is on the water. But, this hasn’t phased the couple, who celebrated their 43rd anniversary in September 2018.

When Rosbach isn’t spending time on a mega-yacht, he tries to spend time with his family. With his wife, Rosbach has five children, four boys and a girl, according to Bravo TV. Though Rosbach may be away from his family, at times, he also prides himself on steering his children in the “right direction”. He explained that when it comes to guiding his kids through life, “I guess it’s sitting back and just watching the evolution take place. You know, going through the whole process. You know, watching the mistakes that they make and trying to prevent all of them, even though you know you can’t. And just trying to help them get on their way in a proper fashion so that they become good people and happy. That’s all that you want for your kids; you want them to become good people and happy people. And you do whatever it is you can to facilitate that.”

Rosbach’s wife has been by his side throughout his yachting career and he wrote in a blog post, “God bless my wife, Mary Anne, for putting up with my dragging her all over the world to finally find out what it was that I wanted to be when I grew up.” According to Bravo, Rosbach wasn’t always a man of the ocean. He previously owned and operated several restaurants. It wasn’t until he was 35 years old that he realized his calling was yacht life.

And, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, according to Rosbach. In fact, one of his sons has combined his father’s love of restaurants and yachts. Captain Lee’s son, Sean, is actually a chef on a private yacht.

That’s right. Captain Lee’s kids are grown-ups and the Bravolebrity even has some grandchildren. Recently, Rosbach’s granddaughter, Bre, graduated from college, as reported by Bravo TV.

In 2017, Rosbach and his family had their fair share of rocky moments to overcome, but it looks like they’ve made it through together. According to Radar Online, Rosbach underwent surgery and also had to file for bankruptcy. It wasn’t initially reported what kind of operation Rosbach had undergone, but, in August 2018, Rosbach reportedly had foot surgery, as reported by Bravo. His surgery from 2017 was reportedly linked to foot issues, as was a surgery he had in 2015.

One member of the Rosbach family who kept the Captain company while he recovered was the family dog, Samantha.

Tune in to Bravo to see Rosbach in action on Below Deck, Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT and 8 p.m. CT.

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