Jade & Baddie Gi: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Baddie Gi and Jade

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Jade and Baddie Gi have been identified as the two women who were injured in two separate attacks that they claim Cardi B was behind. On Monday, October 1, Cardi B — whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar — was charged in connection with a fight involving Jade and Baddie Gi.

Jade and Baddie Gi are sisters, according to the Daily Mail.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. They Both Work at Angels Strip Club in New York City

The sisters both work at Angels Strip Club in New York City, where the fights went down. The girls do not work as strippers, however, but are both bartenders at the club.

The club, located in Queens, is often visited by some of the biggest names in the sports and entertainment world. According to its official website, Lamar Odom, Fetty Wap, Tyrese, and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., have been guests there over the years.

The club offers several different options for bottle service, the most expensive being the VIP which will run you $2,500 in cash — the venue doesn’t take credit cards.

2. Jade Has Been Accused of Having Sex With Offset

As for why Cardi B might be upset at Jade, there has been some major beef since rumors about Jade and Cardi B’s husband started to circulate.

Reports indicate that Cardi B heard that Jade had slept with Offset. Jade has denied the rumors several times, saying that she never had relationships with Offset. 

Another rumor suggests that the fight was prompted by a “drink being spilled on Cardi, whose actions have been described as ‘spontaneous and completely unpremeditated,'” the Daily Mail reports.

3. Two Fights Involving Jade & Baddie Gi Have Taken Place This Year & the Sisters Claim That Cardi B Was Behind Both

The initial claims were made back in August when TMZ reported that Jade and Baddie Gi were caught in the middle of a brawl that broke out at Angels Strip Club. Two weeks later, another brawl reportedly broke out after Cardi B came “face-to-face” with the sisters at the club.

“Jade says on August 15, she got a warning early in the day that Cardi had targeted her for a beatdown. Later that night in Queens at Angels Strip Club, Jade says 5 people associated with Cardi viciously attacked her, grabbing her hair, punching her and hitting her with an ashtray, causing serious damage. Fast forward to the wee hours of Wednesday, August 29 … Jade and Baddie Gi say they came face-to-face with Cardi B at Angels Strip Club, and a group from Cardi’s posse attacked both of them … throwing bottles and chairs at them causing serious injuries that required medical attention,” TMZ previously reported.

Rolling Out refers to Jade as Offset’s “alleged mistress,” and reports that people at the club started tweeting about the fight as it was going down.

“A few days ago, multiple patrons of a New York strip club reported on social media that they witnessed Cardi B and her crew knuckle up and toss hard objects at a woman who supposedly cheated with husband Offset,” the site reports.

4. They Hired an Attorney & Cardi B Has Been Charged

Shortly after the second brawl, Jade and Baddie Gi hired attorney Joe Tacopina and sought legal action.

On Monday, October 1, Cardi B turned herself in to New York Police. The rapper was charged with two misdemeanors counts of reckless endangerment and one misdemeanor count of assault, according to CNN.

5. They Are Both Very Active on Social Media

Jade and Baddie G are both very active on social media and often share photos and videos of themselves on their respective Instagram pages.

Aside from self-promotion, Jade has also used social media to promote The Beauty Box. The new company is set to launch later this month and will have the “best wigs, bundles, and frontals.”