‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Kate & Toby’s Future May Have Been Revealed

This Is Us spoilers


Fans of This Is Us have been wondering what’s going to happen during Season 3 of the hit NBC show. So far, there have been several clues about where this season is headed, but there’s one thing in particular that seems to be standing out.

Warning: If you aren’t caught up with Season 3, you should stop reading here.

In a recent episode, Kate’s husband Toby had a somewhat concerning conversation with his brother-in-law Randall. As previously reported by Heavy, the flash-forward scene had fans wondering if something tragic happened to Kate, but the consensus seemed to be that it’s Kate’s mother Rebecca who was either in the hospital or had passed away.

Once that problem was solved, fans turned their attention to something else; Toby hadn’t been wearing his wedding ring in the scene. Fans quickly put two and two together and concluded that Kate and Toby’s relationship was over at that point in time.

Executive producers Issac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger recently sat down for a chat with Entertainment Weekly and gave away one detail in particular that pretty much proves that fan theory.

“Well, you could read that he’s no longer married. You could also read that it’s uncomfortable to sleep in a ring,” Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly, not giving too much away. However, Berger offered a bit more insight into “ringless Toby.”

“We know our fans, and that they watch really carefully, and we make our decisions really carefully, so people are noticing the right things to notice,” Berger said.

“We don’t do anything unintentionally,” This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman added. “I can’t say anything, one way or the other. It’s a well-constructed storyline… We break these stories very thoroughly and far in advance, so there are things happening that fall back upon themselves or are little pieces attached to something else that you may not even realize,” he said.

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