How Long is The Time Jump on ‘The Walking Dead’? [Season 9 Episode 5 SPOILERS]


On Season 9 Episode 5, the episode ends with a second time jump. But this is much longer than the first time jump at the beginning of the season. How long is the jump? This post has spoilers for the end of Episode 5 and the trailer for Episode 6. 

During Talking Dead after the show, Melissa McBride (who plays Carol), revealed that six years have passed during the second time jump. Fans guessed it was this long, since Judith was significantly older after the time jump. She was the only one we saw in the actual episode, and now she’s as talented with a gun as her dad, maybe even more so. And she’s wearing Rick/Carl’s hat.

In case you missed it, Judith is carrying a katana like her mom Michonne. :) But I still wish we had Carl and could see him after a six-year time jump.

In the time jump, we saw that Carol has now let her hair grow long. We also saw Daryl, Negan still in jail but without his beard, and a few other characters. Melissa McBride didn’t say much about her character after the time jump, only to mention that there are some hints involving “arrows” now. So maybe she’s now focusing on defending with a crossbow rather than a gun? Or was she hinting at a new relationship with Daryl? That’s unclear.

But from the trailers, Daryl still appears to be very Daryl.

It will be interesting to see what happens next week, after a six-year time jump.

This is a developing story.