Did Travis Scott Steal Tommy Lee’s Stage Design?

Getty Images Travis Scott in NYC.

Life is good for rap artist, Travis Scott. Not only is everything going well for him and his family, but he is it currently living it up on his Astroworld – Wish You Were Here Tour. As one of hip-hop’s most prominent artists at the moment, Scott has caught the attention of many fans and artists outside of the genre. Typically, that could be a great thing as Scott is expanding his fan base and demographics. Sometimes though, it can create a negative impact.

This time around, Scott could be in some legal trouble. Known rockstar, Tommy Lee wasn’t too pleased when he became familiar with Travis Scott recently. Lee wasn’t necessarily upset with Scott’s music or anything, but he was far from satisfied when he realized that Scott’s stage design on tour looked quite similar to his from back in the day.

Scott, who is known to be one of hip-hop’s most energetic performers seems to try and one-up himself during each and every tour. In an attempt to give his show even more of a rock star feeling, he might end up landing himself in some legal trouble since Tommy Lee was too fond of Scott’s ‘tribute’ to the rockstar. There’s no telling if Scott was in fact, paying tribute or blatantly copying the idea, but regardless, Lee is not happy at all.

A Look at the Original Design

On a 360-spinning loop, Tommy Lee would stay connected to his drum set and playing music while moving. It was a pretty incredible idea from the rockstar, but ironically enough, his wasn’t all that original as well. According to TMZ, Tommy Lee was sued in 2014 over the idea. Lee ended up winning his court case since the drum set’s design was his own idea.

However, it looks like winning this battle once wasn’t enough for Tommy Lee as he had some, not so kind words to say about Scott. “Just found out this f**king idiot @travisscott or someone on his team ripped off the 360 AND The Cruecifly! WTF!! Get an original idea bro. I get copying is a form of flattery, but this is just straight ripping off my s**t. Lawyer up!”

Did Travis Scott Steal the Design?

Clearly, Scott didn’t exactly have an original idea here. With a look-alike-loop, Scott also continued to perform in a circular motion as well. Although Scott added an entire roller coaster to his design, Lee strictly focused on the loop idea being a carbon copy of his. If we had to assume, Scott most likely took the concept from Lee and built on top of that.

Was it an original idea? Not at all. But to sue Scott for the design may be over the top. Obviously, there’s a good chunk of music fans out there who believe this entire idea of taking Travis Scott to court is unessecary, but Tommy Lee doesn’t seem to be holding back. What do you think? Does Scott deserve to go to court for this? Or was he merely just paying tribute with creating another design?