Who Is the Gargoyle King? See the Top Theories from ‘Riverdale’

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After Season 3 Episode 6 of Riverdale, the identity of the Gargoyle King is still a major mystery. Here are the top theories so far about the Gargoyle King’s identity. Who do you think the Gargoyle King is? Let us know in the comments below. This post has spoilers through Season 3 Episode 6. 

Theory #1: FP

A top theory right now circulating among fans is that FP, Jughead’s dad, is the Gargoyle King. It doesn’t really fit with FP’s personality, since he’s always looking at for his son and has reformed his life quite a bit recently. It’s hard to imagine that he would be in charge of random killings based on a game.

But still, FP did show up at Betty and Alice’s house at a suspiciously convenient time in Episode 6. The Gargoyle King showed up in Alice’s living room, and then just a couple minutes later FP is climbing up the ladder and knocking on Betty’s window because the door was slammed in his face.

Theory #2: Edgar Evernever

This one may be obvious to some fans, but Edgar Evernever of The Farm cult is definitely a possibility. We’ve never seen him, but he exerts a lot of power over people. Perhaps he is the secret Gargoyle King leader and running two cults for the price of one.

Theory #3: Ethel or Ethel’s Dad, Manfred Muggs

Perhaps Ethel or Ethel’s dad, Manfred Muggs, is the Gargoyle King. When the Gargoyle King first encountered Betty and Jughead in the woods, only Ethel knew they were going there. And Ethel is very heavily invested in the game. However, we haven’t seen Ethel recently, which makes it less of a possibility that the culprit is her or her dad.

Theory #4: Hiram Lodge

Hiram is an “obvious” pick for the Gargoyle King, but in my opinion it’s a little too obvious. Yes, he is secretly controlling the evil doings of the town and he’s very dark, going as far as trying to have Archie killed in jail. But he doesn’t need to hide behind a Gargoyle costume to scare and intimidate people. He does that just fine being himself.

Some fans think that Hiram could be the Gargoyle King because of how much influence and power he wields. I personally don’t really see this as a viable possibility. But maybe he is working with the Gargoyle King on some level.

Theory #5: Hermione Lodge

This one doesn’t seem to fit with Hermione’s personality that great, but I kind of love this theory. Hermione was heavily involved with Griffins and Gargoyles in high school, as we saw in the flashback. She’s not a completely innocent party who was just misused by Hiram. She wanted to get out of her living situation, and she used Hiram to help achieve that. She’s also been Hiram’s accomplice through a lot of his schemes and isn’t willing to stand against him for the sake of Veronica.

Could Hermione by the Gargoyle King? In Season 3 Episode 1 when Hiram told Veronica that getting Archie out of jail was “out of my control,” he looked over at Hermione while he said it. We now know that the Warden was being controlled by the Gargoyle King. If Hiram isn’t the Gargoyle King, then his statement makes a lot more sense.

Also, Warden Norton just happened to commit suicide right when he found out that Hermione was there to visit him. Hermione is also the one who banned Griffins & Gargoyles, which only made it more appealing to the teens of Riverdale. She also was the one who got something positive out of the Midnight Club’s antics (she got with Hiram), and she’s the one who gathered the parents back together all these years later.

A lot of clues point to Hermione, but it doesn’t seem to fit with her personality. What do you think?

Theory #6: Pops

This theory is pretty ludicrous, but quite a few fans have joked about how funny it would be if Pops was the Gargoyle King. He certainly has everyone’s trust, so he would be the last person suspected.

Theory #7: Clifford Blossom’s Twin, Claudius

This one also seems a little too obvious, since Clifford Blossom was already the big bad of Season 1. But like brother, like brother, right? Maybe Clifford Blossom’s twin, Claudius, is behind the whole thing. We know that Penelope was part of the original Midnight Club, so there’s no reason to believe that Claudius didn’t know about the whole thing back then. Maybe he committed the first murder (and the ones today), and Penelope made her statement about the killer just to cover up his misdeeds.

There’s also the possibility that Clifford is Claudius and is also the Gargoyle King. If you noticed, Hiram told Jughead that Clifford, Hal, Tom, and FP all could be suspects. But Clifford is supposed to be dead.

Theory #8: Nana Rose

Nana Rose is another favorite fan theory. She doesn’t seem mobile enough to accomplish this, but maybe that’s part of the ruse. She always did come across as a little creepy, and we haven’t seen much of her this season. The Griffins & Gargoyles that we saw in the flashback was Version 2. Maybe she played Version 1 and became the game master after winning that game.

Who do you think is the Gargoyle King? Let us know in the comments below.

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