How To Get the JFD Password Option in Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch



There are a lot of twists and turns in Black Mirror‘s new interactive film, Bandersnatch. One of them involves getting the JFD code to show up so you can see that creepy scene with the author. This post has spoilers for Bandersnatch, so only read on if you’re OK with being spoiled. Here’s how to make that JFD code appear.

JFD is short for Jerome F. Davies, who is Stefan’s “hero” in some ways. Both he and Colin acknowledge that Jerome Davies is a genius, but he’s also crazy and murdered his own wife because of delusions he was having. (Or were they delusions?) At one point in the movie, Stefan receives a VHS from Colin labeled JFD for Jerome F. Davies. But there’s another point when JFD comes into play, and that’s when you’re entering codes into Stefan’s dad’s filing cabinet. Different codes can lead to different endings and outcomes in the movie. But you can’t enter just any code — you can only choose from two codes presented to you. They’re JFD, PAX, PACS, and TOY.

Getting the JFD code to appear is a little rarer and tougher to do. You’ve got to make sure you don’t take actions that trigger the other codes. For example, if you follow Colin then you’re more likely to trigger the PACS code or TOY code because he tells you about switching timelines and traveling through time.

So the first thing you should do to get the JFD code to appear is to not have Stefan follow Colin when you’re going through the story. At the point when you can go to therapy or you can follow Colin — decide to go to therapy.

Next, early on during your first therapy session (the one you don’t have any choice about attending), you’ll be asked if you want to talk to your mom. Choose to not talk to the therapist about your mom. This will also make you more likely to get the JFD code.

Also, when you’re choosing between holding the book or the photo, choose to hold the book. Sometimes when you hold the photo, you won’t even get a chance to enter a code into the filing cabinet at all.

There may also be a bit of randomness thrown into which codes appear in Stefan’s father’s locked filing cabinet. It’s possible that JFD may still appear even if you don’t follow these suggestions. But the JFD code is more likely to appear if you do follow them.

Here’s what happens if you input the JFD code.

The author, Jerome F. Davies, will appear behind you in a short and creepy scene, and then you’ll reset to an earlier choice. So it’s not super interesting if you haven’t already completed the movie, but it’s a nice extra scene if you’ve already seen the major paths and are looking for something unique.

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