Meredith Seacrest, Ryan Seacrest’s Sister: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ryan Seacrest Sister

Getty Meredith Seacrest pictured with her husband, Jimmy Leach, in May 2014.

Ryan Seacrest’s sister, Meredith, welcomed a baby girl into the world on December 11, her brother told viewers of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Meredith gave birth to Flora Marie in Nashville, Tennessee. She weighed 8 pounds and one ounce, Seacrest said. As Seacrest was asked who the baby looked like, he replied, “Based on the photograph, she looks like a baby.” Seacrest also said his sister was “like, “Dude, birthing his tough.”

Seacrest went on to Facetime his younger sister live on the show. Meredith’s delivery was described as being “relatively quick.” When Seacrest spoke to Meredith, he told there that the sibling’s parents, Gary and Connie, were en route to the hospital.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Seacrest Was the Man of Honor at Meredith’s 2016 Wedding

In November 2016, Seacrest served as a “Man of Honor” at his sister’s wedding to Jimmy Leach. The nuptials took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Seacrest tweeted on the morning of the wedding, “Today’s the day… excited for my sis. Proud to be her man of honor.” People Magazine reported at the time that groom and his groomsmen all wore suits and accessories from the Ryan Seacrest Distinction.

Among Seacrest’s roles was to pick up the dress for his sister, as well as to take her on a morning workout before the ceremony. When Seacrest announced that he would be the Man of Honor, he said, “I have a role in my sister’s wedding…just shed tear. Love u @mereseacrest.” Seacrest included a poem that his sister read for him, “You’ve been by my side all of my life and I wouldn’t want you anywhere else when I become a wife. I’m so lucky to have you as a brother, and couldn’t imagine celebrating with anyone other. So basically what I’m trying to say… Will you be my Man of Honor on my special day?!”

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Just after the wedding, Seacrest told Harry Connick Jr. in an interview that he had trouble organizing his sister’s bachelorette party. Seacrest said, via US Weekly, “I had to take 17 women to Napa.” He added, “I was the lead bridesmaid. I called my sister and said, “What does it mean ‘man of honor'”? and she said, “Well, you’ve got to do everything that the maid of honor would do.” I said, “A bachelorette party?” She said, “Yeah.” The biggest issue in Napa was, “There were limited bathrooms for 17 women. They did a pretty good job but that was the biggest hurdle was telling them what time they had to be ready and what time reality was.”

2. Meredith Serves as the Executive Director of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Meredith Seacrest Ryan Seacrest Foundation


Meredith is the executive director and chief operating officers of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Meredith has been in that role since September 2010. Prior to working for with her brother, Meredith worked as the Manager of Communications for The Insider and Entertainment Tonight on CBS and as a director with Reveille, the production company behind NBC’s The Office.

Meredith and Seacrest’s parents also serve on the board of the foundation.

3. Meredith Is a Grady College Graduate

Meredith Seacrest

CHARLOTTE, NC – JULY 29: (L-R) Connie Seacrest, Ryan Seacrest, Meredith Seacrest and Gary Seacrest.

According to Meredith’s LinkedIn page, she is a 2003 graduate of the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Her brother also attended the school for a time but did not graduate. In addition, Meredith serves on the Grady Society Alumni Board. While her brother attended Dunwoody High School in Dekalb County, Georgia, Meredith attended Holly Innocents’ Episcopal School.

4. Seacrest Announced on Air in June that His Sister Was Pregnant

Ryan's Going to Be an Uncle!Ryan reveals his sister's baby news.2018-06-07T13:55:24.000Z

It was in June 2018 when Seacrest announced to the world live on television that his sister was pregnant. He told the viewers, “Before we do anything else, I’ve kept a secret and I’m nervous. Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret?… My sister called me and said ‘Can you sit down?’ and I said ‘Yes, is everything OK?’ And she said ‘I’m pregnant!’” Seacrest added that because he comes from a small family, “everything that happens in our family is a huge deal.”

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5. Jimmy Leach Is a Senior Executive at TOMS Shoes

Jimmy Leach TOMS

LinkedIn/Jimmy LeachJimmy Leach pictured on his LinkedIn page.

Meredith’s husband is a senior executive and vice president at TOMS Shoes and is based in Los Angeles, according to his LinkedIn page. Leach is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. At his wedding, Leach and his groomsmen all wore TOMS Shoes, People Magazine reported.

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