Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’ Has Finally Been Beaten by 6ix9ine

Getty Images Travis Scott gets knocked out of the number one spot.

Album sales are highly confusing nowadays. Especially when it comes to Hip-Hop. There have been numbers of ways to increase sales over recent years. Ticket offers, merchandise bundles, streaming, etc. All many different ways that album numbers can typically get inflated. Not that inflating numbers is a bad thing or anything. In fact, that’s just the way things need to get done in today’s music industry.

Rapper Travis Scott has figured that out. He needs to offer much more than a project full of songs. Nowadays, it takes a lot more than putting a physical copy of an album in the stores. The strategy has to be different, and Scott did an excellent job with his newest album ‘Astroworld,’ which came out back in the summertime. And even now, months later after the release, Scott remained on the top of the charts. That was until Tekashi69 knocked him off.

Travis Scott on Top No More

Travis Scott and 6ix9ine are both in the same genre but move in polar opposite directions. While Travis Scott is typically known for strictly making music, and putting on an energetic performance, 6ix9ine plays more of a social media entertainer role within the industry. Something like a high-energy comedian, that happens to make rap music.

That’s not a knock on 6ix9ine, especially since his grind has allowed him to knock off Scott. Just pointing out that Tekashi’s grind was bound to get him a significant victory at some point, despite all of the recent troubles that his internet portrayal has given him lately. So, 6ix9ine might be going through some tough times, but he would probably be happy to know that his project ‘Dummy Boy’ has beaten ‘Astroworld’ by around 200 units recently, according to Hits Daily Double.

A Mistake by the Charts?

Travis Scott was told that he was still at number one, despite the release of the highly anticipated project by Tekashi. Unfortunately for Scott, there was a bit of an issue with the charting. As reported by Hits Daily Double, Nielsen figured out that there was a problem with the reported numbers. With the newfound data, they would come to the realization that ‘Dummy Boy’ did in fact, debut as a number one album.

“Our team has done a deep dive and found the cause of the initial discrepancy. We’ve since then reprocessed the jobs necessary and re-finalized the charts. As a result, 6ix9ine’s “Dummy Boy” will be moving to #1… Our team is working quickly to identify the root cause of this discrepancy to ensure that we get it right the first time.”

The root of the problem still has yet to be cleared up, but regardless of what happened, Travis Scott has been knocked out of the number one spot. Now, will it make much of a difference? Nope. Scott’s sales are still through the roof, and his tours are selling out. Although the rap star wanted to prematurely brag on Twitter about remaining number one through another album release despite actually being knocked off, there is no ‘L’ to be taken.


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