Grace Miguel, Usher’s Estranged Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Usher's wife


Grace Miguel, 48, whose real name is Michelle Grace Harry, and R&B singer Usher married in 2015. On December 28, The Blast reported that Usher filed for divorce from Grace, months after the two decided to separate.

“After much thought and consideration, we have mutually decided to separate as a couple. We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases of our lives. The enormous amount of love and respect that we have for each other will only increase as we move forward,” the couple said in a joint statement at the time of their initial separation.

The separation came just months after Usher was accused of spreading the herpes virus to three different people.

Miguel, a Brooklyn native, began dating Usher back in 2009. She was previously thought to be supporting her husband through difficult times, but it appears as though the two couldn’t work things out.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Was Thought to Be Supporting Her Husband During His Herpes Scandal & Subsequent Lawsuits

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In April, attorney Lisa Bloom was slated to file lawsuits against Usher on behalf of three clients; two women and one man. All three of Bloom’s clients, who initially decided to keep their names private, claim that they had sexual relations with Usher several years ago and that he had herpes at the time and didn’t tell them.

According to the Daily Mail, Usher was being sued for several million dollars. Despite these claims and lawsuits, Miguel chose to stand by her man, not letting any of this interfere with their marriage. A source told TMZ that Miguel wasn’t too concerned with the lawsuit at this time.

“Grace isn’t concerned at all about the allegation Usher slept with a woman, who sued as Jane Doe, at least twice this year. We’re told Grace, who’s been Mrs. Ush for 2 years, isn’t giving the lawsuit any weight,” TMZ reported at the time.

A few months later, TMZ confirmed that one of the lawsuits had been dropped.

While that may be in the past, Grace and Usher couldn’t work through their marriage. It’s unclear what exactly drove them apart, but the aforementioned lawsuits and drama could have something to do with it.

2. She Has Worked as Usher’s Manager But it’s Unknown if She Will Continue to Work With Him Professionally

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Miguel has worked as Usher’s manager for several years. In a previous interview, Usher talked about the business relationship that he has with his wife.

“I have an incredible partner and manager. She has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and my career. She’s someone who’s been able to support and understand all of who I am. Not just as a dancer or as a performer or as a singer, but as a humanitarian and a businessman and as a person,” Usher told Billboard Magazine a year before he and Miguel tied the knot.

In 2016, Usher confirmed that he had signed on to work with Scooter Braun as his manager, though it is unclear if Miguel still serves as a co-manager.

“I’ve always been in the Scooter family. We actually have worked together on artists, and worked together in business. So it’s just a continuum,” Usher told Billboard after inking the deal.

Miguel also served as a board member for Usher’s New Look. According to the non-profit organization’s website, Usher’s New Look works to “provide underserved youth with the ability to see past their current circumstances and discover a new perspective, or new outlook, on what their life could be.” Miguel’s name is no longer listed on the website, however.

Prior to that, Miguel worked as the executive chef on set of The Cosby Show, according to E! News. She actually has quite the resume, according to the site.

“She climbed her way to the top, working for companies like MCA Records, Jive Records, AND Geffen Records. She is now the Executive Vice President of Marketing/Creative Services at Island Def Jam Records.”

It is unknown if their professional relationship will change now that they are splitting up.

3. She Has 2 Kids From a Previous Relationship

Miguel is a mother of two grown kids, a daughter named Leaf and a son named Raiden, from a previous relationship.

Leaf has her heart set on a music career and already has a fairly substantial following on Instagram. She often shares videos of herself performing and released an album called Trinity on August 18. The album has 13 tracks and is listed under the rap/hip-hop category on iTunes.

According to the Pulse, Miguel’s son, Raiden, was dating Lauryn Hill’s daughter, Selah Marley. It is unclear if the two are still dating as Selah’s Instagram appears free of any relationship photos.

Usher is a dad to two sons, Usher V, age 9, and Naviyd Ely, 8, from his first marriage to Tameka Foster.

4. She & Usher Got Engaged in 2015 & Secretly Wed a Few Months Later

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Miguel and Usher’s relationship has been kept relatively quiet, for the most part. The couple got engaged back in 2015, but they didn’t make any kind of official announcement about their plans to marry.

The first outlet to confirm the couple’s engagement was Love B Scott. The site pointed out that Usher and Miguel had been spotted in Miami after getting engaged and Miguel was seen with a ring on that finger. It was later confirmed that Usher popped the question in early 2015.

Nine months later, Usher and Miguel tied the knot. The couple decided to elope, despite having planned an ultra-private ceremony with 100 close family and friends in attendance at an Atlanta-area venue.

Usher confirmed the exciting news during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. You can check that out below.

“One thing that has come from having a great partner like Grace is being able to cherish the places that I’ve gone. We see the monumental sites, go to the museums, eat in the best restaurants. I’m that guy now! In the past I’d do what I have to do and get on the bus to the next city. Life has become a vacation,” Usher previously told Billboard Magazine.

5. She Doesn’t Get Along With Usher’s Ex

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Miguel and Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster, are known to have “bad blood.” During Usher’s tumultuous custody hearing with Foster back in 2012, Foster actually spat on Miguel — something that she admitted to in court.

“I probably pushed him. I pushed him off because he was trying to, like, kind of move me…I was very upset. I said, ‘You don’t bring your mistress’—I probably said a few other words, choice words— ‘Do not bring her to my house,'” Foster said at the time, according to E! News.

As far as Usher’s lawsuits are concerned, sources told TMZ that one of the women suing the singer is actually friends with Foster. This is said to be the reason that Miguel isn’t paying the lawsuit too much attention.

“Our sources say the woman suing has a history with Usher. She was a close friend of his first wife, Tameka Foster, and attended their 2007 wedding. We’re told Usher believes she has a thing against him, and has for a long time.”