Where Is Santa Claus Right Now? Watch NORAD Santa Tracker Live 2018

It’s Christmas Eve! One of the most magical parts of Christmas is keeping track of where Santa is as he delivers gifts all across the world. And NORAD provides one of the best ways to keep track of Santa’s location. In fact, you can see a live feed of Santa’s current location with his reindeer above. The video won’t show much until Santa is finally about ready to take off, so stay patient until the fun begins! Live streams do have a tendency to sometimes go down, so we’ll add more live streams if needed as the day progresses.

Where Is Santa Now?

Where is Santa right now? You can get more details and see a beautiful 3D map by visiting NORAD’s website right here. And if you are driving a GM car, you can ask OnStar where Santa is on December 24, and get live updates as you’re driving around.

In its 62nd year, the Santa Tracker comes courtesy of NORAD. Santa also has a warehouse that is accepting calls and emails. While Santa travels, the NORAD social media team is hard at work answering all your questions online and answering phone calls too. If your child wants to call Santa and chat with him, call 1-877-HI-NORAD. Here, you can see a look inside the NORAD Tracks Santa Operations:

Want a little more information about NORAD’s Santa Tracker while you’re following Santa’s travels? Here are some details for your Christmas Eve. NORAD’s Santa Tracker began when a SEARS Roebuck & Co. ad included the top secret number to the predecessor to NORAD, the Continental Air Defense Command. A little girl called and spoke to Director of Operations Colonel Harry Shoup, who told her he could help her locate Santa. The Colonel instructed his staff to help pinpoint Santa’s location for similar calls that Christmas Eve of 1955. NORAD has kept the tradition going ever since.

Did You Know That Rudolph’s Nose Mimics the Heat Signature of a Missile Launch?

The radar system used to track Santa and Rudolph is the North Warning System. The satellites NORAD uses to detect the flash generated from missile launches can also track Santa.

NORAD says that Santa lives in a different time-space continuum, which is how he manages to deliver billions of presents in just a day.

So now’s the time to start tracking Santa and his reindeer, if you haven’t started already. He’ll be near your home soon!
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