‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Live Feed Spoilers: Did Anthony Scaramucci Quit the Game?

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds

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This post contains spoilers from the live feeds of Celebrity Big Brother. You have been warned!

The Celebrity Big Brother live feeds only just switched on last night, and already it seems one houseguest has quit the game. Continuing last year’s disappointing borderline-self evictions (Metta World Peace and Keshia Knight Pulliam), it seems Anthony Scaramucci is continuing the trend.

Less than an hour after the feeds turned on, comments began to leak all around the house.

“Why hasn’t Anthony’s face gone gray,” asked Jonathan. “Has that been out there yet?” questioned Natalie. Tom suggested the former White House director of communications might be coming back but Tamar responded with realness: “Brother Mooch, you tried. I want you to know that, Brother Mooch.” Tom injected, “Are we allowed to talk about that?” (Yes, Tom, talk about everything!)

As of 6 a.m. Big Brother time (the show tapes in Los Angeles), Scaramucci’s face was still lit up on the house’s memory call. While it’s possible that Scaramucci could return after some sort of issue in the Diary Room (it’s happened before—I see you Audrey-E.T. memes), Big Brother Network reported that houseguests were heard being called to both Diary Rooms late last night, proving that one wasn’t being occupied by the M.I.A. Mooch.

Jonathan Bennett


If The Mooch really is gone [Update: He is.]—which we’re bound to see once the houseguests wake up for the day—the show will most likely forge ahead with its plan for a Friday night eviction.

It was clear that Scaramucci wasn’t too happy about being nominated for eviction by new HOH Ryan Lochte. In the Diary Room, Scaramucci said, “So I come into the house, we’re making champagne toasts and getting along with each other, and then boom! I’m on the block.”

The Mooch was sitting side by side with actor/host Jonathan Bennett and comedian Tom Green. Bennett was put on the block automatically after losing Part 2 of the HOH competition to Lochte.

Scaramucci’s Surprise Appearance…in Switzerland!

President Trump’s ex-White House Communications Director made a surprise appearance in Switzerland today after mysteriously going missing from the Big Brother house. The Mooch appeared on Tuesday night’s episode but according to the feeds, he left sometime on Monday.

Though he wasn’t properly evicted, Scaramucci is keeping quiet about his exit.

“You have to tune in on Friday to understand what happened. Unfortunately, I signed a confidentiality [agreement] but there’s a little bit of a cliffhanger,” he said in a video posted on TMZ. “It was a lot of fun for me. How many times in my life am I going to be a roommate of Lindsay Lohan’s mom?”

According to TMZ, the Mooch was in the house for just six days.

Scaramucci continued, calling his time in the house “a tremendous amount of fun. There’s a lot of intellectuals that are like, ‘WTF, what’s he doing on Big Brother?’ But you have to remember I grew up in a blue-collar family so you also have to remember that America watches these shows. You don’t want to unplug yourself totally from America and live in an ivory tower.”

Other Happenings in the House Late Last Night

Celebrity Big Brother

Live Feed Screenshot/CBS

-With Scaramucci’s exit, rumor has it that singer and TV personality Kandi Burruss has been nominated in his place. Tamar and Kandi had a brief spat which ended with Tamar being calmed down by Lolo and Natalie and the whole house gossiping. Watch for this ticking time-bomb to explode at any moment.

-Around 9 p.m. BB time, Natalie continued wondering if people could see her changing and talking to Lolo. She asked multiple times if they were live yet. (Uhh…Natalie, yes, we are watching.)

-From what we could pick up on the feeds, it sounds like Kato Kaelin won the season’s first Power of Veto competition which allows him to save one of the nominees from the chopping block. Since Kaelin made an alliance with Green and The Mooch on last night’s episode, it would’ve been safe to assume he’d use the veto on one of them, but with Scaramucci’s exit, it looks like the decision was made for him.

Scaramucci has a history of short stays; he was communications director for the Trump White House for just 11 days.

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