Chris Harrison Net Worth 2019: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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As the host of the highest-rated reality show on TV, Chris Harrison is a household name. But does his income reflect that?

Just how much money does the television host make on The Bachelor? What’s his salary, and where exactly does he make his money? Get the details here.

1. Harrison Has an Estimated Net Worth of $16 Million

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Harrison has an estimated net worth of a staggering $16 million.

The TV host was born in Dallas, Texas, and graduated from high school in 1989. He attended college at Oklahoma City University on a soccer scholarship. After graduating, Harrison worked as a sports reporter for a CBS affiliate. He went on to work briefly for TVG network.

In 2001, Harrison scored the job of host of Mall Masters on GSN. For years, he climbed the ranks of the hosting game, and in 2008, he was selected to host the American Music Awards pre-show live on ABC. His success hosting the AMAs led to Harrison anchoring the red carpet awards coverage. After that, he served as a host on Hollywood 411, Designers’ Challenge and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

2. He Is the Host of ‘the Bachelor’

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As the host of The Bachelor, it should come as no shock that Harrison has an impressive net worth. Reports of his salary vary slightly.

In 2011, TV Guide published a piece that claimed Harrison made $60,000 per episode. And that was eight years ago.

Harrison has been host of The Bachelor since 2002, and its spinoffs of The Bachelorette since 2003.

In September, Ryan Seacrest asked the TV host how being the main name in The Bachelor franchise has affected his own dating life. He responded, “Well, I’m single… Those that can’t do, teach,” he jokingly said. “Having been married for as long as I was, and being a dad and raising two teenage kids, … that life experience definitely helps me, but watching the show and watching all of this unfold over 17 years has definitely made me a different man as far as love, romance, commitment, communication — a lot of aspects of relationships — it made me realize it’s next to impossible so I’ve quit. I’ve given up.”

Harrison was married to his high school sweetheart, Gwen Harrison, from 1994 to 2012. Together, they have two teenage children.

3. He Wrote the Book ‘The Perfect Letter’

Chris Harrison Talks New Season of "The Bachelor" & More with Rich Eisen | Full Interview | 5/21/18"The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison and Rich Eisen discuss the show's new season and much more!2018-05-21T19:43:19.000Z

Harrison is the author of a romance novel called The Perfect Letter. EW describes the book as a mix of Sweet Home Alabama and The Best of Me.

The novel follows a woman named Leigh Merrill, a book editor who returns to her hometown only to rekindle the flame with her old love.

In an interview with XOXO After Dark about the book, Harrison was asked if he believes in love at first sight. He responded, “Yes, but… This is a tricky question because I’ve seen firsthand, several times, bachelors or bachelorettes end up with the man or woman who made the most impressive first impression. I guess you could call that love at first sight. The reason I throw the ‘but’ in there is, while first impressions are big, in my opinion it definitely takes more than that to reach the level we call love.”

4. He Owns a Bachelor Pad in Westlake Village

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Fittingly, Harrison has a beautiful bachelor pad in Westlake Village, California. According to People, the home is a four bedroom hideaway “complete with stunning views, an expansive deck and (of course) a hot tub, and “is rustic and comfortable.”

Harrison tells People, “I didn’t use a professional designer. Everything has meaning to me.” He continued by joking, “I hope women don’t think I’m going to whisk them off to Bora Bora on the first date.”

LA Magazine reports that Harrison likes spending his downtime, “Italian fare, hitting the links, and relaxing with family,” near his home.

5. He Previously Hosted HGTV’s ‘Designers Challenge’

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Chris Harrison onstage during the 45th annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Harrison has hosted a number of shows, including HGTV’s ‘Designers Challenge’. Interestingly enough, he did not audition to become the host of The Bachelor.

In a Variety Facebook live chat, Harrison shared, “I never auditioned for this job… I really didn’t. I’m not messing with you. I had a meeting. I had a couple meetings, and that’s it.” He added, “You would think they would care more about this franchise!”

Harrison says he was able to book his role on The Bachelor because of his many previous hosting gigs.

He continued, “I’m from the South, a Texas boy, and they wanted just kind of a down-home guy that had a family and I guess wouldn’t be the creep that would hit on all the women — and boy, did they mess up!… So that’s kind of how it all happened. It was just some meetings and they were like, ‘Great.’”