Tonight’s ‘Deal or No Deal’ Contestant: Who Is John West?

An Unexpected Offer From The Banker Leaves John West Stunned | Deal Or No DealJohn west will do anything for his boys. But will he make the ultimate sacrifice to get the money he deserves? Find out on an all new "Deal Or No Deal" Wednesday 9P ET/PT on CNBC! » Subscribe to Deal Or No Deal: About Deal Or No Deal: On the hit game show ""Deal…2019-01-28T17:45:40.000Z

Tonight’s new episode of Deal or No Deal, hosted by Howie Mandel, features contestant John West. The description for episode 13, entitled “Father Knows Best,” reads “Retired automotive line worker John West wants to win a million dollars to retire in comfort and to provide a good future for his five sons; Howie has a surprise that stuns the West family and honors John’s years of service to his family.”

A Group Of Brothers Nominate Their Father To Be A Contestant | Deal Or No DealJohn West is looking to win the million and ease into retirement, but will the banker let him get away with it? Find out on an all new "Deal Or No Deal" Wednesday 9P ET/PT on CNBC! » Subscribe to Deal Or No Deal: About Deal Or No Deal: On the hit game show…2019-01-28T17:43:31.000Z

In a promo video released ahead of the new episode, Mandel starts the show by introducing West’s five sons, who nominated their father to be a contestant on the show. The oldest of his sons says “We’re here to support an amazing man. Our hero, our dad, Mr. John West.” When asked why their father deserves to compete on the show, they say “First, he’s a strong man. He guided us all through the right path. He worked at Ford Motor Company for 34 years.”

After Mandel invites West to the stage, the father and retiree addressed the briefcase models with a “Ladies! How you doin’?” He tells Mandel he is 64 years old and worked 34 years in the auto industry. If he were to win the million dollars, he says “Well the first thing I’m gonna do is divide it up amongst the fellas over there and everything. Then I’m gonna get a little personal to do some of the things I enjoy. Get me a Mustang – I want a Mustang, convertible top.” Joking, he added “I want my hair to blow in the wind.” His winnings from the show would be meant to help ease him into retirement, but West asserts that, for him, it’s all about his boys.

West has five sons, so it is no surprise that he chose case #5 as the one he believes is holding that $1 million prize. The men stay on the stage throughout the episode to give their father support and advice.

John West Gets A Big Surprise From A Special Guest | Deal Or No DealJohn West has dreams of retiring in comfort and providing a better future for his sons. To get him one step closer in making those dreams a reality, Howie introduces West to a special guest with a sweet surprise. Don't miss the epic performance on "Deal or No Deal," Wednesday at 9P ET/PT on CNBC.…2019-01-28T21:37:09.000Z

During the episode, Mandel shares a video message with West from Detroit Lions’ NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford. He wishes West good luck and invites him and his sons to Ford Field for a game once he’s back in town after filming the episode. He also offers them autographed Lions gym bags. Then, Mandel welcomed Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s President of Global Operations, to the stage. Hinrichs presented West with a plaque “recognizing [his] years of service” with the Ford company, before recognizing that two of his sons are currently working for Ford. Then, Hinrichs revealed “I’ve got something more for you. Bill Ford, our executive chairman and the great-grandson of Henry Ford, and I want to invite you and your sons to lunch at the penthouse at our headquarters to celebrate your retirement.”

Promo clips show that West eliminates the $.01 case early in his first round, as well as the $500,000 and $100,000 cases. The clip also teases that at some point in the episode, the banker offers West $0.

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