‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Is Premiering April 14 [WATCH TRAILER]


HBO has revealed the premiere date of Game of Thrones Season 8. The new season is premiering Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. Eastern. Mark your calendars. Here’s the crazy trailer that HBO just released.

Fans are so excited about the April 14 news. Some fans are already counting down the days. Others are posting excitedly on Twitter.

HBO alerted fans several days before the new teaser premiered that the exciting news about the premiere date was going to be revealed just before the premiere of Season 3 of True Detective.

The Wrap reported that the premiere date would be announced in a teaser just before 9 p.m. Eastern. This is not expected to be the full Season 8 trailer. And in case you missed the announcement on HBO’s Twitter, the Game of Thrones Twitter shared it too.

So far, two trailers have been revealed for Game of Thrones Season 8. They didn’t reveal much, but fans are analyzing every clue. The best one was just released in a trailer where HBO also gave brief snippets of Watchmen, Big Little Lies, and more.

We finally got to see Sansa and Daenerys meet, and Sansa told Daenerys, “Winterfell is yours, my Grace.” We always thought that Sansa would be unhappy about Danny walking in and essentially taking over. But it seems there won’t be the tension that fans were expecting after all, if that trailer told us anything.

Then there was this teaser in December that was beautiful and compelling, without revealing anything.

Season 8 will consist of six episodes that will basically be feature-length films. And prior to tonight, we knew the season was airing sometime in April, but we didn’t know exactly which day until now.