Holly Hager on ‘My 600 Lb Life’

Holly Hagan My 600 Lb Life


Tonight, fans of My 600 Lb Life will meet Holly Hager, whose visit to Dr. Now is not her first attempt to lose weight.

In a clip promoting the show, Holly says, “My weight got up to 600 by the time I was 30. At that point, I finally decided that my life was getting so bad that I had to do something or I just wasn’t going to last much longer.”

When she turned 32, Holly decided to leave her husband and work towards a weight loss goal. She had her stomach stapled and the surgery, at first, worked. Holly explains that she got down to 319 pounds. “I was really excited because I was doing well. I was 32, so it was almost 20 years since I was that low.”

After a little while, however, she put the weight back on. “After, I started struggling with wanting to eat again. So I started eating more even when I was full. And I ended up busting my staples and I was back in the 500s again.”

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In her interview with TLC’s cameras, Holly shared that her husband treated her poorly during the course of their marriage. She says, “I felt like he had betrayed that trust with how he had treated me for ten years… so I left him and got weight loss surgery… I wanted to take my life back and finally lose all the weight so I had my stomach stapled. And for the year after that, I really started to lose weight for the first time in my life.”

Holly doesn’t maintain an active presence on social media. You can check out her Facebook here, however. It shows her posting pictures of selfies. She writes that she is from Buford, Georgia, and manages ‘Holly Hager, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.’

Holly’s Instagram, meanwhile, can be found here. In October 2017, she posted a before and after picture with the caption, “40 pounds lost so far!!!!”

Can Holly lose weight with the help of Dr. Nowzaradan? Find out tonight, on TLC’s My 600 Lb Life at 8pm ET/PT.