India Eisley’s Age: How Old Is She?

Getty India Eisley

India Eisley stars in the new TNT series I Am the Night. As real-life author Fauna Hodel, Eisley is the glue that holds the series, and its central mysteries together. Given the actress’ youthful appearance, however, some viewers may be wondering how old she is.

According to Heightline, Eisley is 25. She was born on October 29, 1993, and is the daughter of musician David Glen Eisley and actress Olivia Hussey. The former is best known for her titular role in Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. Eisley and her mother acted together in the 2005 film Headspace, which also marked her first credited screen role.

Eisley Is 25 & the Daughter of Golden Globe Winning Actress Olivia Hussey

She was 12. She credits this experience with sparking her interest in film. “I’ve always had an interest in it because I love movies,” she told Smashing Interviews. “But I think growing up on sets and stuff was nice because I got to see both sides to it. I got to see the work part and the creative part also. It wasn’t like I just went into it not knowing what to expect.” Eisley went on to be part of the ensemble cast for the ABC sitcom The Secret Life of the American Teenager alongside Shailene Woodley and Greg Finley. She played the character of Ashley, who was two years younger than Eisley’s real age.

In an interview with Post Bulletin, Eisley spoke about playing Hodel on I Am the Night and how her own childhood helped her get into character. “I got the feeling from her daughters that Fauna was very transient and a loner,” she said. “As a painfully shy kid, my fun time was locking myself away and watching movie after movie after movie. Watching a good performance to me was like getting a new toy. Ultimately, the career of a dancer is very, very short.”

Eisley Has Often Played Characters Younger Than Her Real-Life Age

“I was a bit of a weird child. I was always obsessed with crime, crime shows, anything to do with unsolved cold cases.” Eisley added. “I immediately knew the connection and couldn’t believe it. It’s one of those true stories you almost don’t believe….it just sounds fictional, but it’s not.”

Eisley told ET Online that Hodel was also an inspirational person to play on the small screen. “In the beginning, she has that naivete about her and she grows a lot and matures a lot in a very short period of time because she has to, which Fauna did,” she explained. “As far as what I related to her, from knowing her story, she was very resilient — to put it mildly — and the fact that she didn’t go completely bonkers after being put into the position she was put in is a testament to her and her spirit. That I really looked up to, but also something I wanted to have a crack at playing.”

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