Isaac on ‘The Orville’: All About His Background & the Actor Who Plays Him


Isaac and Claire’s blossoming relationship was the focus of tonight’s episode of The Orville. But just what is Isaac’s background on the show, and who plays him? You might be surprised to learn that the actor who voices Isaac also dresses as Isaac in every episode and portrayed his human version tonight. They’re one and the same. Read on for all the details about Isaac, his background in The Orville universe, and the actor who plays him. This post, of course, has spoilers for tonight’s episode, Season 2 Episode 6. 

Isaac’s Background on the Show

Isaac’s species is not a member of the Planetary Union. Instead, he’s working on behalf of the Kaylon, studying humanity and determining if the Kaylon want to eventually join the Union.

He was assembled on a Kaylon 1 factor, according to The Orville wikia. Kaylon view biological species as inferior, and are quite assured in their superiority over pretty much everyone.

Isaac misses a lot of subtlety. He doesn’t quite understand humor, and Gordon Malloy often tries to help teach him about it. In one quite delightful episode, he played a practical joke on Isaac and makes his head look like Mr. Potato Head. That’s when we learn that Isaac doesn’t even need the glowing eyes, he just uses them as an aesthetic. He also doesn’t experience emotions (at least not in the classical sense.)

We haven’t seen the Kaylon homeworld yet on the show.

Mark Jackson Portrays Isaac

Mark Jackson isn’t just the voice of Isaac, he also portrays Isaac in every episode. He’s even the human form of Isaac in tonight’s show.

Jackson is an English actor whose previous credits included a few video shorts and portraying a character named Gavin on The Royal Today in 2008. Jackson also has extensive stage credits.

Jackson told that he’s a big sci-fi fan, so he was excited about the chance to take this role. “This is exactly the kind of show that I’d watch, even if I wasn’t in it.”

Jackson shared a lot of tweets before tonight’s episode.

Jackson also said wearing Isaac’s suit isn’t uncomfortable. He said the studio keeps the air conditioning really cold, so everyone else is wearing coats when they can. “I was really temperate in my suit and was quite happy,” he said. “…It’s quite space age, that suit. They put a lot of man hours into making it very comfortable and deluxe. So it was quite enjoyable, actually…”

Jackson gave up a lot for the role. He was hired with just a tape audition, and when he moved to Los Angeles in 2017, he left behind his fiancee, his friends, and his family. Between the first and second season, Jackson got married.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments on the Reddit thread here.

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