James Harris’ Wife & Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Instagram James Harris and his family.

As a cast member of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, James Harris has seen his popularity skyrocket. Harris, 33, become a fan favorite for many, with a loyal following on Instagram, as well as a flourishing real estate business with his partner David Parnes.

Given Harris’ popularity, many viewers may be wondering whether the real estate agent is married, and whether he has any children. In fact, Harris has been with his wife Valeria since 2007, and they have two daughters. Read on to learn more about his personal life and his family.

1. He Met His Wife Valeria By Being a Regular At the Restaurant She Worked

James Harris and Valeria met in 2007. He was a regular at the restuarant she worked at, and she was studying business while working as a waitress part-time. “James regularly came into the restaurant and ordered the same thing…at least three times a day!” she recounted to Bustle. “One day he asked me out, but I was unsure about him and declined the invitation.”

Valeria went on to say that James was persistent in asking her out. “James wouldn’t give up,” she said. “He even sent his colleagues to put in a good word with me. It became hard to say no! When I finally agreed to a date at Moonshadows in Malibu, we chatted for hours and I discovered what a wonderful person he is. I’ll always admire his persistence!”

2. They Have 2 Daughters Together Named Sophia & Chloe

James and Valeria have two daughters: Chloe, and Sophia, who turned 9 in August according to her mother’s Instagram. “Happy Birthday my smart, kind, brave, beautiful birthday girl!” she wrote. “Can’t believe you come into our lives 9 years ago. These have been the best, craziest most amazing years of my life! Love you.”

Valeria is currently a stay-at-home mother dedicated to raising her two children. “Caring for a five-year-old, a one-year-old, and James is more than a full-time job!” she remarked. “It’s important for me to spend as much time as I can with my family.” Valeria is also pleased with fans who have recognized her and approached her on the street to compliment her children.  “[Fans] have lovely things to say about our daughters, which is very sweet,” she said.

Valeria did admit that sometimes she has James watch the kids while she spends time on herself. “Every mom needs time for herself,” she reasoned. “I love dining out, going dancing and spending time with my girlfriends.” In 2014, James tweeted about doing exactly that. “Best day with my girls whilst Valeria went boxing and had time to enjoy her day,” he wrote. “Should have been me boxing. Time 2 show properties.”

3. James Said That His Alcoholism & Partying Threatened to Ruin His Family

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My Angels ❤️❤️❤️

A post shared by James Harris (@jamesbondst) on Dec 1, 2018 at 9:35pm PST

In a 2016 interview with Daily Mail, James revealed that his hard drinking and hard partying threatened to ruin his marriage at one point. “I was definitely an alcoholic,” he revealed. “It’s not even that I was drinking a whole lot, it was the mentality of not really caring and not having to worry about responsibility or having a business or having a wife or having children.”

He went on to say that he was in denial about his alcoholism for some time. “So, others would say, of course you’re not [an alcoholic] but I look at my life today versus eight years ago and I don’t think I could be where I am today if I’d continued with that,” he said. “For me, my life changed when I met my wife.”

“She got pregnant, and at eight months into her pregnancy I decided to get sober,” he continued. “I had two paths to kind of go down. I had Path A, which was continue to be the way I am and I’ll end up being an absent father and someone I can’t be very proud to be. Or go down Path B which was getting sober, cleaning up my act… So I went down that path and I swear I have never looked back.”

4. Valeria Enjoys Being Part of the ‘Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles’  Cast Alongside Her Husband

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Mi Amor ❤️ @valeritaharris

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Where most spouses prefer to shy away from the spotlight of a reality television show, Valeria embraces her husband’s stardom outright. She told Bustle that she loves appearing on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles whenever she can. “Filming MDL:LA has been an enjoyable journey,” she said. “I’m used to James working so much and the madness of the real estate industry… adding the cameras is just another fun element!”

When asked what she enjoyed must about watching the show, Valeria said it was the camaraderie and business acumen of James and his business partner David Parnes. “[I love] getting to see the dynamic between James and David, their incredible work ethic and their enthusiasm,” she explained.

In a blog post for Bravo, James reflected on the role that his family play in his success. “My wife and children are my life,” he wrote. “These three women are the reason I get up and make it happen every day. Although it’s extremely stressful and challenging at times, I know failing is NOT an option.”

5. James Regularly Posts Photos of His Wife & Daughters On His Instagram

In addition to featuring his wife on his reality series, James regularly posts photos to her and their two children on Instagram. On December 18, he posted a photo of him and Valeria together to celebrate her birthday.

“Happy Birthday to the most amazing, special, incredible girl in the world @valeritaharris,” he wrote in the caption. “We took this photo together in 2010 and I never realized that almost 9 years later you would change my whole world for the better. I love you so much.”

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BEYOND HAPPY TO BE HOME ❤️❤️ #dotheshiggy

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He did likewise for Sophia on her most recent birthday. “This little princess has changed my life forever and given us more joy than we could of ever imagined or asked for,” he wrote. “Happy 9th Birthday my angel. Now stop growing PLEASE.”

In addition to posts such as these, James regularly puts up photos of the family having fun together or videos of his daughters dancing, like when they participated in the Shiggy Challenge on August 4. Check out the video, along with other Instagram posts, above.

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