Natalie Eva Marie & Husband Jonathan Coyle: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Natalie Eva Marie Husband


(Natalie) Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle first gave fans a glimpse into their married life on the reality show Total Divas. The two are no longer cast members and Marie no longer is a wrestler for the WWE. On the show, the couple revealed their ups and downs, family woes, and even their wedding. Read on for the details on the couple’s relationship, how Coyle felt about his wife leaving the WWE and more below.

1. Eva Marie and Her Husband Actually Eloped

On October 26, 2014, viewers get to finally watch the wedding of Eva Marie and husband Jonathan Coyle on their reality show Total Divas. In anticipation of the wedding episode and while wishing his wife Eva a happy birthday, Jonathan posted this adorable message on his Instagram:

My #wife @natalieevamarie is the, kindest, hardest working, most loyal woman I know. What she has accomplished in all aspects of her life is truly unbelievable. She is an embodiment of “Do your best and let God handle the rest.” Her faith, kindness, and relentless pursuit of her goals makes me the proudest man in the world to call her my wife. Fun Fact: I didn’t know her REAL age till after we were engaged.

On a March 2014 episode of Total Divas, we watch Eva Marie tell the other divas that she eloped with Jonathan. When it came down to telling her brothers, mother and fathers, the reaction was less than favorable. The men in Eva’s family barely wanted to speak to her when they heard the news and it took a lot of talking to smooth things over.

Eva Marie reveals to Brie Bella that she eloped: Total Divas, March 16, 2014Eva Marie admits she hasn't told her family she was married.2014-03-17T02:00:00.000Z

2. Jonathan Coyle Defended His Wife When She Was Suspended from the WWE

In 2016, Eva Marie was suspended from the WWE for a Wellness Policy Violation. Her husband jumped to her defense and wrote on Twitter that, “When the public finds out why my wife was unjustly suspended they will be absolutely outraged! Official statement and facts coming soon.” According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the tweet was later deleted. Rolling Stone reported that the suspension was over her late paperwork, disclosing an Adderall prescription.

A year later, Eva Marie decided to quit the WWE. According to Eva Marie, she told Rolling Stone that her reasons for leaving the WWE were to pursue acting, as well as other business ventures.

The WWE hasn’t been the only struggle that Eva Marie has dealt with over the years. Eva Marie is actually a recovering alcoholic. Prior to telling fellow cast members on Total Divas about her alcohol addiction, Eva Marie struggled while in Cabo, Mexico, with some of the girls on vacation. On an episode of Total Divas, Eva tried to casually pass off her drinks to the other girls. But, she ended up having to leave the club because of all the temptation around her. She was fearful of the girls judging her, so she had kept her past a secret.

3. Eva Marie Wanted Jonathan to Convert

As Eva’s father struggled with cancer, she only wanted to make him happy when it came to her wedding celebration. One thing that her father really wanted, was for her to have a Catholic wedding, but Jonathan is not Catholic. Eva was pushing for him to convert, but it was not something he wanted to do.

At one point, on an episode of Total Divas, Eva’s father brought up the subject in front of Jonathan’s mother, as well as the rest of Eva’s family. Eva didn’t initially defend Jonathan and said that she would like for him to convert. Jonathan became upset and left the table. Soon, Eva realized she needed to respect her husband’s decision and stick by him, so she talked to her dad about it and he was actually very supportive.

Jonathan Coyle was raised in both San Francisco and in Dublin, Ireland, so he has dual Irish and American citizenship.

4. Jonathan Coyle Is a Fitness Model & Crossfit Pro

Eva Marie isn’t the only fitness fanatic in the family. Jonathan Coyle has his own professional website and is a fitness model. His website bio reads:

Jonathan has recently taken the extreme fitness world by storm. He has one goal and one goal only, to forever destroy the current concept of what it is to be fit. His philosophy that functional movement trumps purely aesthetic oriented workouts defies the current norms of the fitness industry. His unique workouts, diet plans, philosophy and unrelenting determination to be a catalyst for change have caused the fitness world to take notice.

Find more information on Coyle’s fitness career here.

According to Pro Wrestling Fandom, Coyle has quite the education under his belt. Coyle attended the California Polytechnic State Institute, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in degree in History. He went on to attend Hope International University, where he got his Master of Business Administration (MBA), and then he went to law school at Western State University.

5. Jonathan Coyle Proposed to Eva Marie After Just a Few Months

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Bustle previously reported that Coyle proposed to Eva Marie after only knowing her for a few months. According to E!, Coyle met Eva Marie for the first time when she joined him for a CrossFit workout.

Jonathan Coyle recalled, “It was like I walked into a dream, I had never seen anything so beautiful. Love at first sight is the cheesiest thing until it happens to you. My buddy asked, ‘Who is that?!?’ I answered without even thinking, ‘That’s my wife.'”

Coyle has been very supportive of his wife’s career and many business ventures.

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