Pristine Cleansing Sprays on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Wipe Alternative

Pristine Cleansing Sprays on Shark Tank, Cousins Poop Alternative Wipe on Shark Tank


Tonight, Brandon and Jessica will share their product, Pristine Cleansing Sprays, with the sharks.

The spray formula is an alternative to wet wipes. It can be sprayed directly onto toilet paper– and can be used for both children and adults. On the website, the product is marketed with the slogan, “The #1 Spray to Wipe your #2 away!”

Tonight, as a special bonus to their appearance on Shark Tank, the company is giving 10% off and free shipping on their 4oz Original toilet paper spray. If you buy two or more Pristine 4oz Originals, you will receive 25% off all Original products with the promo code EXTRALCLEAN. Click here to purchase.

How did first cousins, Brandon and Jessica, come up with the idea of Pristine Cleansing Sprays to begin with? Jessica, a mother, found that her newborn daughter was developing rashes. She tried a number of brands of diapers and wipes, but the rash persisted. She eventually was told by a doctor to gently rinse her daughter’s bottom in the sink with warm water and mild soap after every poop; but that became a bit of a hassle.

Meanwhile, Brandon was having some skin issues of his own. As he writes on the product’s website, Brandon used wet wipes as an adult, but one day, he found that he was also developing skin irritation. He ditched the wipes, and eventually opted to wet toilet paper in the sink to wipe.

Together, the cousins decided to find a spray solution that could work with toilet paper for Brandon and for Jessica’s children. And that’s when they came up with Pristine Spray.

The pair tested a number of ingredients to make sure they were safe for children and adults alike. The website reads, “They created and tested hundreds of different formulas, literally mixing batches in their kitchens with hair nets, beakers, and boiling pots of water. After months of R&D and testing, they developed a spray formula that is effective enough for a grown man’s rear-end and gentle enough for a baby. Pristine is now proudly manufactured in the United States.”

According to Shark Tank products, both Jessica and Brandon are lawyers. They turned to chemists when it came to deciding what ingredients to use in their products. When it comes to using Pristine Spray, there is no need to rinse, and the wipe is flushable.

Pristine Spray is best used with toilet paper, which is biodegradable. As the cousins point out, wet wipes don’t disintegrate or biodegrade. They can lead to clogging pipes and septic systems. Shark Tank Products writes, “The manufacturers protest that the wipes are being unfairly maligned, but, even as we speak, consumers are filing multiple class-action lawsuits against them for the damage done to plumbing by ‘flushable’ wipes. Cities are filing multi-million-dollar lawsuits alleging false labeling. And the Federal Trade Commission is working to have ‘flushable’ claims removed from the packaging.”

Be sure to tune into tonight’s episode of Shark Tank to see if Brandon and Jessica are able to score a deal with the sharks.

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