‘The Masked Singer’: Best Memes & Theories

The Masked Singer judges guesses

Getty Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nick Cannon and producers of the television show "The Masked Singer" speak during the Summer 2018 Television Critics Association Press Tour.

NBC’s The Masked Singer has sparked tons of speculation online as to who its mystery contestants really are. Viewers at home are just as stumped as the panel of celebrity judges, and with this confusion has come tons of memes and conspiracy theories. From poking fun at the show’s unique format to potential clues, here are the best memes and theories fans have come up with so far…

Most of the Masked Singer memes have focused on the bizarre nature of the show, and the fact that viewers are watching celebrities perform while dressed like animals. “What no takes have really addressed yet is how The Masked Singer has only just begun to summon unholy costume fetish memes,” joked one user. Check out some of the best memes below.

Many have theorized that the Peacock is actually former child star Donny Osmond. He fits the clues that the Peacock has given so far, including someone who has performed since they were young, someone who was friends with Michael Jackson, and someone who was probably idolized by the mothers of most of the audience members.

Donny’s sister Marie Osmond was also quick to tease the possibility that he’s the Peacock during a recent Access Hollywood interview. When asked about the theory, Marie said: “I told him, I said, ‘Why are you giving away such easy clues?'” As for why her brother would don a Peacock costume, she added: “I know that we started at NBC, which was the peacock.”

Outlets Have Theorized That the Monster Is Former Disney Star Corbin Bleu

The Monster has left a similarly suspicious trail of clues. The Monster has confirmed that he is male, and that he was at the top of his game but when the game decided to turn on him, he retreated into a cave. He added that The Masked Singer was his chance to show the world who is really is, and that even though he’s sung before, he’s not considered to be a professional singer “to everyone.”

Bustle suggests that these clues could lead straight to former Disney Channel star Corbin Bleu. Bleu starred in the High School Musical films, where his signature song was “Get’ cha Head In the Game.” It’s very possible his clues to the audience were meant as a subtle wink at his past. Others on Twitter have speculated that the Monster could be pop legend T-Pain or crooner Seal.

Some Fans Have Theorized That the Rabbit Is a Former Member of N*SYNC

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The Rabbit has also sparked some confusion, as many thought N*SYNC member Joey Fatone was under the mask. Fatone has adamantly denied these theories, however, which has led theorists to consider another N*SYNC member, JC Chasez. Chasez fits the Rabbit description of never being onstage alone, being an expert in synchronized singing, and the promise that the last standing Masked Singer “is gonna be me.”

The latter could be in reference to the N*SYNC song of the same name. Good Housekeeping also pointed out that Chasez famously wore a white coat on the cover of his debut album, which bears a striking similarity to the design of the Rabbit costume.


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