Love & Hip Hop: Who Are Yandy Smith’s Children?

Getty Yandy Smith & Infinity Gilyard

Love & Hip Hop: New York continues its ninth season with cast member Yandy Smith. The reality TV star will reportedly deal with some legal concerns as she tries to bring home the teen that she’s foster-parenting, Infinity Gilyard. Fellow cast members have pointed out that this may be considered a form of kidnapping.

Given the focus of tonight’s episode, fans may be curious about how many children Yandy already has, and whether her relationship with Infinity will cause any issues. Read on to learn about the Smith household below.

Yandy Has 2 Biological Kids & Plans to Foster Parent Teenager Infinity

Yandy has two biological children with her husband Mendeecees Harris. Their son Omere Harris was born on July 16, 2012, and their daughter Skylar Smith Harris was born January 26, 2015. She has also helped raise Mendeecees’ sons from a previous relationship; Mendeecees, Jr. and Aasim.

“It was set up perfectly because I learned how to be a mom before I had my own. And I appreciated that,” she told Necole. “Because I learned how to love Lil’ Mendeecees first before I have my children. This is our modern day family. There are so many people now, dare I say, that have more blended families than just pure [families]. In my community anyway.”

Yandy Regularly Posts Photos of Her Children On Social Media

Yandy has spoken at length about raising her children, and how she encourages them to embrace who they are. “We live in neighborhood that is predominantly Asian so my son is the only little brown boy in his class and so is my daughter,” she told Madame Noir. “So I am constantly reinforcing how amazing their curls are, how amazing their texture, and their skin complexions are.”

“My son he came home and he said ‘Mommy they were telling me that my hair smells funny in school’, and I’m like ‘Honey that is the most natural beautiful scent from God that we put in your hair and it’s called hair grease,” she added. “You gon’ love it and they’re gonna love it cause we gon’ put more on so they can get used to that smell.”

Yandy recently spoke to VH1 about the process of becoming a foster mom. “Since we wrapped season 8, I started the process of becoming a foster mom to a young lady, a young, amazing lady named Infinity,” she revealed. “I met Infinity when she was in seventh grade and now she’s in tenth grade. She was a part of my mentorship program and she just completely stands out.”

Yandy also explained that her relationship with Infinity would be playing a huge part in her season nine storyline. “If you know anything about me,” she said, “when it comes to children and babies it’s like, my heart.”