Burger King’s Mystery Super Bowl Boxes Could Win You a Prize

Preppin’. | 02.03.2019the King has been told that a LOT of you will be watching these big game commercials… so he prepared a way for a lot of you to join. 😏 we can’t give away what’s up, but you CAN go ahead and order your mystery box in preparation. get your mystery box by ordering BURGER…2019-01-24T01:37:16Z

On Twitter last week, Burger King announced that it will be handing out Mystery Boxes up until the super bowl. We’re not totally sure what that means, but we’re told that if you place a $10 order and use promo code MYSTERY BOX you’ll receive a box of goods for free and it correlates to the commercial that will air today.

During the Super Bowl, those with the MYSTERYBOX will receive instructions on what to do with it. That’s pretty much all we know. A spokesperson for the campaign tells Thrillist that it’s “somehow related to Burger King’s first Super Bowl commercial in 12 years.”

According to Doordash Help Center, the mystery box contents can vary, but are valued at approximately $30. They go on to write, “Must place an order from a location within the delivery radius of a participating Burger King® location to redeem. Mystery Box will be shipped via Fedex to the address to which the corresponding Burger King order was delivered and may arrive 7-10 days after order is placed.”

The bad news? At the top of their release, in bold, they write that the offer is now expired due to depleted supplies. That’s right, enough people were interested enough in this offer that the products sold out within hours.

The teaser for the commercial shows the Burger King King preparing on set with a director. He adjusts the mic, and gets ready to announce the big news about what will happen during the Super Bowl.

What could the box’s contents be?

According to the Three Beers and a Mic podcast, one person who purchased the box received an old school Burger King paper bag, an empty plastic ketchup bottle, a gray wig, a card with a promo for a free Whopper and free delivery from Door Dash, and a note ‘explaining things.’ The note instructs people to wait until the super bowl, and then order. It also says that everything during the game will “click”.

In an interview with Q SR Magazine, Christopher Payne, DoorDash COO recently said, “This limited-edition Mystery Box creates a unique, engaging and innovative experience, and we are excited to launch it nationwide for our customers.”

Everything still seems a bit mysterious, but it’s possible that a winner could be getting something from cool from Burger King. We won’t know until the commercial is released during Sunday’s game.