Can You Watch ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Episode 10 Early This Week?


Last week, fans enjoyed the chance to watch the midseason 9 premiere of The Walking Dead a whole week early. The episode was released on Super Bowl Sunday on AMC Premiere, a subscription service, even though the episode wasn’t airing on AMC until tonight. Some fans really enjoyed the chance to watch the episode early. Is AMC going to do the same thing for next week’s episode, Season 9 Episode 10?

Fans who watched Episode 9 early don’t like the idea of having to wait another week (or two weeks, depending on when they watched Episode 9) before seeing Episode 10.

Unfortunately, it looks like Season 9 Episode 10 is not being released early like Episode 9 was. So although AMC Premiere does give you the opportunity to stream episodes commercial free, which is a big plus for many fans, you can’t watch Episode 10 today like you were able to watch Episode 9 last week.

Right now, AMC Premiere simply states that new episodes of The Walking Dead are available “weekly.” The week-early special was a one-time only bonus offer for subscribers of AMC Premiere. AMC did the same thing last fall, offering the premiere of Season 9 one day early (instead of one week early like they did this spring.)

Mac McKean, executive VP of innovation for AMC Networks, told Broadcasting Cable: “In addition to commercial-free viewing of our original series, AMC Premiere customers have enjoyed a variety of other benefits like early access to premieres and the ability to binge full seasons of some shows before they appear on our linear network. Last fall, we offered the season nine premiere of The Walking Dead one day early and it resulted in the single biggest day of new sign-ups in the history of this new platform. In addition to this full week of early access to our mid-season premiere, we are planning to add bonus show content for AMC Premiere customers across the second half of season nine.”

So although Season 9 Episode 10 won’t be released early this week, it does look like AMC Premiere subscribers will get bonus show content during the second half of season 9. So you won’t get another episode early, but you will get access to other content that regular viewers won’t get to see.

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