Tonight’s “Deal or No Deal” Contestant: Who Is Missy Silverman?

Will This Pint-Sized Powerhouse Bring Home The Million? | Deal Or No Deal | CNBC PrimeShe might be small, but Missy Silverman is stong and mighty as she takes on the banker for the million dollar prize. Watch and see how it unfolds on an all new "Deal Or No Deal" Wednesday 9P ET/PT on CNBC! » Subscribe to Deal Or No Deal: About Deal Or No Deal: On…2019-02-04T16:45:12.000Z

A new episode of Deal or No Deal airs tonight on CNBC, hosted by Howie Mandel. Tonight’s lucky contestant, competing for a prize of up to $1 million, is Missy Silverman. Silverman will choose a case number between 1 and 26, which she believes has the $1 million prize, before negotiating with the banker as she

The description for season 5 episode 14, entitled “Head Over Heels,” reads “Howie Mandel can’t keep up with fitness instructor Missy Silverman, who whistles and performs celebratory cartwheels; Missy dreams of taking her childhood friends on a dream cruise, if she can find it, before the offers end.” Missy is a fitness instructor and family-business owner with two teenage children.

Missy Silverman Is A Ball Of Energy & Is Ready To Take On The Banker | Deal Or No Deal | CNBC PrimeEnergetic would be an understatement to describe Missy Silverman and she's ready to put it all into winning the million. Tune in to an all new Deal Or No Deal Wednesday 9P ET/PT on CNBC! » Subscribe to Deal Or No Deal: About Deal Or No Deal: On the hit game show ""Deal or…2019-02-04T16:40:58.000Z

When Howie introduced Silverman as the contestant of the night, she emerged from the audience in a bright red top, waving her hands in the air and yelling excitedly to immediately establish her bubbly, outgoing personality. She ran up onto the stage and gave Mandel a hug right away. He called her an “adorable bundle of energy” before asking her to tell everyone a bit about herself.

She said “My name is Missy Silverman. I’m from Philadelphia… and I teach pre-school fitness to little kids;” her fitness lessons include jumping jacks, jogging, and the cha-cha. In her personal life, she said “I have two amazing teenagers, and I am married 23 years.”

If she were to win the million dollar prize, Silverman told Howie Mandel “I’ve been a mom for 19 years and I take care of my parents, I work full time. So, if I win the money, I need a girl vacation.” Tonight, Howie said, was all about her. In addition to the “girl trip,” Silverman said the money would also pay for “college for my kids.”

Silverman said she is a lucky person, which will hopefully help her on the show: “I’m so lucky. I answer every concert imaginable, and I win concert tickets, and ice cream for my entire business – my family business.” In addition to teaching pre-school fitness, she and her husband also have a “Hand Car Wash” business, which she said is doing well. It seems as though her husband and children stay in the audience to watch her play, rather than joining her up on stage.

To sweeten the game for Missy, Howie revealed that in one of the 16 cases, the producers placed a very special travel-related prize. The catch is that she has to open the case the prize is in before taking a deal with the banker.

Missy Silverman Sticks The Landing After Picking A Lucky Briefcase | Deal Or No DealMissy Silverman's big personality is in full force as she picks a lucky briefcase holding just a penny! Will this ball of energy continue to celebrate her wins with cartwheels, or will she run out of beginner's luck? Find out on an all new episode of 'Deal or No Deal' Wednesday 9P ET/PT. » Subscribe…2019-02-06T22:03:14.000Z

Based on a clip shared ahead of the episode, we know that Silverman chose case number 17 as the one she believes is holding the $1 million. In the clip, she picks number 10, which is revealed to be holding the $.01. A shot of her playing board shows that she has eliminated the $750,000 and $1 million cases, which means the most she can win is $500,000. It is unclear if, at that point in the episode, she has uncovered the case carrying her “special prize;” nevertheless, Silverman is thrilled to eliminate $.01 from the board and does a cartwheel on stage to celebrate.

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