WATCH: Carrie Bradshaw & The Dude Stella Artois Super Bowl Commercial

Two onscreen icons are reprising some of the most beloved characters of all time in a new Super Bowl commercial for Stella Artois.

The Big Lebowski’s Jeff Bridges enters the commercial as Dude, while Sarah Jessica Parker comes on the scene as Carrie Bradshaw. The Dude forgoes his typical order of a White Russian in favor of a Stella Artois, and Bradshaw opts out of her usual cosmopolitan and instead orders a Stella.

“Good choice,” Bradshaw says.

“Well, changing can do a little good,” Lebowski adds.

When Bridges took to Twitter on January 24 and hinted at The Dude returning, people thought it might have been for a Big Lebowski sequel. Little did they know, he was referencing a Super Bowl commercial.

The best news is that Stella is doing all this to support a good cause. According to CNET, they are staying loyal to their Pour It Forward campaign, which donates water to those in need through a partnership with

In a press release, Matt Damon, who is a co-founder of, said, “Our partnership with Stella Artois has enabled us to help millions… By bringing the global water crisis to a stage as big as the Super Bowl — and with a little support from friends like Jeff Bridges and Sarah Jessica Parker — we hope to reach even more.”

Jeff Bridges, in a statement to Today, is quoted as saying, “At his core, El Duderino would want to do the right thing. Especially when it’s as easy as ordering a Stella…”

Bridges caused a stir last week when he tweeted a 15-second clip of him in his Dude garb. Fans thought this suggested a The Big Lebowski sequel was in the works, but now, we know he was dressed as the dude for this Super Bowl spot. In his statement, Bridges said, “What better time to bring him back than to help change the lives of people living without access to water, simply by switching up your order. Together with Stella, we can help make a big impact … and that’s something The Dude would abide, man.”