Marriage Boot Camp: Karl Dargan Cheating on Lil’ Mo

Getty Karl Dargan & Lil' Mo

The Valentine’s Day episode of Marriage Boot Camp spelled out bad news for singer Lil’ Mo and her husband Karl Dargan. It was revealed that Dargan was cheating on Lil’ Mo with a woman he had been caught talking with over FaceTime. Find out whether the couple have split up or whether they plan to work things out below.

Dr. Ish confronted the couple, asking Dargan about the mysterious woman. “We saw a conversation — a FaceTime conversation, and it looked odd to us,” she said. “Well, what did you all hear? Because if you’re going to bring me something, then bring it all. Whatever it is — it better not be what I think.”

Karl Dargan & Lil’ Mo’s Marriage Nearly Fell Apart After Dargan Was Caught FaceTiming Another Woman

Dargan refused to show anyone the device he used to FaceTime, and he eventually admitted that he had been lying to Lil’ Mo. The singer jumped out of her seat and began yelling at Dargan. “He did that sh*t because that’s the same motherf**king girl that put that sh*t on the internet and said Lil’ Mo’s husband is taken. You’re a liar!”

After the episode aired, Lil’ Mo took to Twitter to continue attacking Dargan’s character. “Almost done and this n**ga do some cap sh*t,” she wrote. “Now I’m mad all over again. I should kick him in his f**kin’ neck yo. Dirty a*s whores… I would never disrespect nobody on TV like that especially when I’m tryna fix it. I wouldn’t do nothing sneaky like that. EVER.”

Dargan Has Opened Up About His Infidelity In Past Interviews

Dargan has been open about his past infidelities. Appearing on Couples Court with Lil’ Mo, he said that he would try his “best” to do right by the singer. “I used to be out here. I used to be out here dealing with multiple women at times, you know, five/six women at one time,” he revealed. “Basically, I was a thot. I had no intentions of getting married, I had no intentions on ever being with one woman but I was trying to work on it and I told her, listen, I’m out here. It’s not an overnight process but I’ll try the best I can. I slipped up and got caught up.”

The couple appear to have worked through their differences. On Valentine’s Day, Dargen posted a photo of Lil’ Mo with the hashtags: “#LOVE YOU #AllMines #EverydayVDay #MrsDARGAN #TheONLYmrsDARGAN.”

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